The Crocs debate has just gotten even more divisive. As a pair of high-heel Crocs went viral and, subsequently, sold out, we should note that Balenciaga has put its own spin on the controversial footwear. That's not to be confused with creative head Demna Gvasalia's first iteration of Crocs: a platform shoe that debuted last October during Balenciaga's spring 2018 Paris Fashion Week show.

No, Balenciaga has made yet another pair of Crocs-inspired shoes, instead this time giving the rubber style a stiletto heel. Balenciaga first shared a photo of its hot pink Crocs heels on Instagram on June 29, but gave a much closer look today after dozens of headlines popped up about Crocs' own heeled version. In the first photo posted to Instagram, the heels are too far away from the camera to register that they're indebted to Crocs. In the second look, though, you can see the Crocs high heels in an interesting setting: with a garbage bag as the background, perhaps begging for a metaphoric interpretation.

Like the Balenciaga Croc platforms, the Crocs high heels are loaded with different charms, from the Eiffel Tower to a cat and a shooting star. While the price has yet to be announced, the last pair of Balenciaga Crocs ranged from $495 for a minimal look to $850 for the full embellished version. For comparison, Crocs' high heels sell for less than $50 a pair, and London designer Christopher Kane sold his own crystals-laden collaboration with Crocs for $375 a pair last year.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Balenciaga's design head Gvasalia has taken the seemingly mundane and reimagined it at a higher price tag. Last summer, Balenciaga released a $1,100 replica of a shopping bag, complete with the brand's name spelled out as it appears on its actual shopping bags. Before that, Balenciaga made a $2,145 version of Ikea's iconic 99-cent Frakfta bag, which appeared in Gvasalia's debut menswear show in the summer of 2016. Considering how quickly the platforms sold out, before they were even released—and how fast the actual Crocs high-heels have sold out—interested parties should have their wallets ready for the release.

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