5 Top Yoga Instructors Reveal Their Most Closely Guarded Beauty Secrets

Why these top yoga instructors are all about rose water, the face-flushing power of inversions, chilling moisturizer in the fridge, and the collective sentiment that less is always more.

by Carola Lovering


America’s best-known yoga instructors know that beauty radiates from the inside out, but how do they make it look so easy? Daily stretch sessions and a strong mindfulness practice no doubt offer benefits reaped by yogis and teachers alike, but as for flawless post-workout hair and skin that literally glows, well; no one is that skilled at meditation. Yoga for Bad People’s Heather Lilleston, Sky Ting’s Krissy Jones, Yoga Vida co-founder and wellness expert Hilaria Baldwin, CorePower Yoga’s Melissa Hernandez, and internationally renowned teacher and activist Seane Corn know that a successful beauty regimen requires the same degree of intention as a carefully crafted yoga class. Here, they share their closely-guarded beauty secrets.

As yoga teachers, you spend a lot of time getting sweaty in the studio. What are your favorite post-workout beauty products?

Heather Lilleston: Rose water spray, daily facial cleansing cloths, and a little mascara to make me feel somewhat presentable.

Krissy Jones: I use an oil cleanser to re-hydrate my skin post workout. Then I love using a rose water mist and I put mine in the fridge so it’s cold! Then I apply some sort of hydrating oil like Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. I’m also a fan of hydrosols for post workouts—my favorite is Take Care Levity Hydrating Mist from Take Care Spa in the West Village.

Hilaria Baldwin: Elta MD facial cleanser and Elta MD SPF 46 tinted moisturizer.

Melissa Hernandez: Epicuren Protein mist, which is so great for immediate rehydration.

Seane Corn: I am a big fan of Annmarie Skin Care line.

10 Natural Products That Will Make You a Knockout Beauty

“A silver rich, illuminating, facial mist with hyaluronic acid with scientifically proven skin protecting copper peptides. The fragrance is BEYOND! I almost wish it were a perfume.”

Amly Silver Rich Face Mist, $52,

“I have breast cancer in my family so I have been on a natural deodorant quest since I was a teenager, to date this is my favorite. I like that there are two formulas, one with lavender and one without.”

Agent Nateur N3 Deodorant, $21,

“Odacité is a remarkable brand that has become very very dear to me. I have seen it transform skin including mine. I personally have almost the entire rainbow of boosters, but even just adding one to your regime that targets your skin goal will yield impressive results.”

Odacité CaR Wild Carrot Vital Glow Serum Concentrate, $55,

Lumity Vitamins, $105,

“The day complex contributes to collagen and elastin formation and repairs oxidative damage. The night complex naturally stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone which is essential for building muscle, bone density and healthy tissue. In the morning it puts your cells in action and at night in state of repair.”

“Nature’s Botox… Need I say more?”

La Crème Beauté Venom, $198,

“Before I opened the store I was in a meeting and the most beautiful fragrance was in the air. I had to stop the meeting because I could not concentrate and need

ELLIS BROOKLYN Fable Eau de Parfum, $100,

“I apply these in a heart shape on my cheeks for the perfect flush of color. There is something that is so joyous about putting little hearts on your face every morning. You truly can’t help but smile.”

Vapour Aaur Multi Use Stain, $36,

“I admired the founder April Gargiulo before I feel in love with the product. The integrity with which the brand is created is truly worth all of the hype. Once I tried it I knew it was special. I had a glow and vitality that hooked me, but then I woke up with smooth, soft, clear skin, which is when I made a permanent place on my shelf for it.”

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185,

“Pearl is the primary ingredient in Moon Juice’s runaway hit Beauty Dust. It is an excellent source of biocompatible minerals and amino acids. It has been know to inhibit the production of melanin, which is key for me because I am prone to melasma. Constant use can also eliminate blemishes and the glow is really sublime. Pearl also supports cardiovascular function as well as skeletal tissue and bones.”

Moon Juice Pearl Dust, $40,

“Skin likes to be happy and it is a natural mimic, essentially exosomes are the love notes that skin cells pass to each other making them fell good and respond in kind. Exosomes are not new, they are a part of our existing biology. What is new is the advancement in how to culture and use them. Exo pioneered the method for duplicating the exosomes that deliver the messaged that promote skin perfection.”

Exo Bio.Digital Perfection Moisturizer, $118,

A view of Cayli Cavaco Reck’s new shop, Knockout Beauty in New York City.

Photo by Matt Licari.

Have any good post-workout hair tricks?

KJ: I’m very low key with my hair. I love my wetbrush—my hair gets super tangly and the wetbrush doesn’t damage your hair when it’s sweaty. If my hair is dry, I use Isle of Roses Oil that my friend Sian makes. It smells amazing.

HB: I plan my workouts around my blowouts and often retouch the root and do curls if it gets messy after a workout. I think if you wash your hair more than 3-4 times a week, it gets less healthy.

MH: I am a firm believer in only washing my hair 2-3 times per week. I feel lucky because I have a lot of long wavy hair so the dirtier the better! Moroccan oil dry shampoo is fantastic, though, to use after a sweaty CorePower Yoga class.

Favorite beauty products for summer?

HL: Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen and Soleil Toujours Perpectual Radiance products.

KJ: Butter Elixir Lip, Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, Shiva Rose Honey and Nectar Mask, Heritage Store Rosewater Spray

HB: Elta MD SPF 46 tinted moisturizer reapplied frequently, The Body Shop tea tree oil facial cleanser, Estée Lauder lipstick (they have great summer colors), Too Face’s Better Than Sex Mascara, and OPI infinite shine because they have fun colors and it does not chip.

MH: I don’t wear makeup really, but I do love RMS Magic Luminizer for my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose. It’s a quick way to make you look dewy- like you just got a facial. I also love Benefit Bene Hydrating Tinted Lip balm.

Do you incorporate any Ayurvedic beauty practices into your routine?

HL: I use a dry skin brush to scrub my skin before showering and I go in and out of daily Neti pot use.

KJ: I try to eat according to my constitution. I tend to be dry, so I make sure to stay hydrated. I drink room temperature beverages, never cold, which is what I learned from my Ayurvedic doctor Pratima. I also stay away from dairy when possible – but I’m not too strict on my diet!

MH: I rise with the sun daily. While I’m a firm believer in Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling and dry brushing, I find it’s difficult to be as diligent about them as I’d like to be. It’s a big time commitment!

SC: I am aware that my dosha type is pitta/vatta, so I have a lot of heat that runs through me. I chill my moisturizer in the refrigerator. This helps to cool my skin, reducing inflammation and redness.

Au Naturale: 15 Editor-Approved Natural Beauty Products To Buy Now

“I know this does not sound particularly glamorous, but I love Aēsop’s Herbal Deodorant (which I first encountered in the bathroom at Karen Lord Pilates). More than once, a random stranger has stopped me to ask, “What fragrance are you wearing?”. – Alix Browne, Features Director

Aēsop Herbal Deodorant, $35,

“I could never find a mascara that gives my lashes some tint and hold without looking done, until I tried KJ. The fact that the ingredients are super safe for my eyes makes it that much better.” – Mia Adorante, Beauty and Health Editor

Kjaer Weis Mascara, $38,

“A couple years ago, my hair stylist clued me in to Loma’s hair serum. It keeps my hair healthy and shiny, protecting it from heat damage — especially on humid days where I flat-iron it into submission. And it smells great” – Katherine Cusumano, Assistant Editor

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment, $20,

“I keep a jar of coconut oil from Whole Foods in my fridge and use it in everything from my hair to my legs. Not only does it add shine and moisture, but it also smells really good. I can’t tell you how many times people have noticed over my expensive perfume.” – Emilia Petrarca, Digital Associate Features Editor

365 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $5,

“I am loyal to Bite Beauty lipsticks and lip liners because the colors are rich and the lipsticks smell nice. I use Bite’s neutral colors as eye shadow and blush. I think I stock half the colors Bite makes.” – Elizabeth Gall, Research Manager

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, $26,

“My favorite natural based product has to be the Oat Cleansing Facial Polish from Naturopathica. I was recommended by my angel-aesthetician from Heyday to incorporate this cleanser into my daily routine and it has made such a difference. The 3-in-1 polish acts as a cleanser, scrub and mask which leaves my skin glowing and feeling amazing. Plus nothing beats the healthy conscious the brand gives me.” – Courtney Costello, Fashion Market Assistant

Naturopathica Oat Cleansing Facial Polish, $52,

“This Australian brand’s products are both sulfate- and paraben-free, and almost entirely organic. I have been addicted to the shampoos and conditioners (all of them) since they launched on Net-a-Porter.” – Sarah Leon, Digital Editorial Director

Original & Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner, $28,

“I swear by using Rahda Beauty’s Vitamin C serum, it regenerates skin cells and has noticeably changed the complexion of my skin!” – Grace Fuller, Jewelry Editor

“I always love having my nails painted and after a friend introduced me to Côte nail polish, I have been hooked. Not only do my nails feel like they can breathe under the polish, but they have an great assortments of colors!” – Christy Key, Fashion Assistant

Côte Nail Polish, $18,

“I cannot rave enough about Violets Are Blue facial serum! I reach for this soothing oil with evening primrose and rosehip anytime my skin is feeling like it needs some extra TLC. I have all my friends addicted to it as well.” – Kristin Auble, Research Director

Violets Are Blue Facial Serum, $48,

“I don’t know why it took me so long to make the switch to all-natural deodorant. Now the thought of using harmful ingredients like aluminum and parabens to keep from sweating seems insane. Admittedly, the natural options don’t work as well—I still perspire a bit with them—but this one works the best, smells great, and is chemical-free!” – Karen Nelson, Senior Features Editor

Lavanila Sport Luxe deodorant, $16,

“Your undereye skin is your thinnest layer of skin, so I’m always careful as to what products I use. After going through much trial and error, I finally found Whamisa’s eye essence cream. It uses a natural fermentation process and aloe vera to hydrate and reduce fine lines – it is a miracle worker and you see results in a week!” – Gillian Sagansky, Contributing Editor

Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence, $40,

“This product is my favorite thing in my makeup bag! It makes my skin feel so soft the next day, but I love the refreshing feeling it gives my face while I use it.” – Alexandra Pastore, Fashion Assistant

Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, $58,

“It’s literally amazing. It contains salicylic acid which helps tighten pores and gets rid of blemishes, but also contains lactic acid which helps counter balance the salicylic so you don’t dry out. It’s all natural and non abrasive so you can mix it with water or a use as a gentle cleanser and it gives immediate results.” – Paige Viti, Video Assistant

Èminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, $48,

“Ever since I have started double cleansing at night, finding the right oil cleanser has been key. Not only is One Love’s cleanser gentle on my skin, but it leaves my skin feeling insanely soft and super clean.” – Beauty Assistant, Nada Abouarrage

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover, $42,


Do you use nutrition as part of your beauty regimen?

HB: Definitely, I am a firm believer that we are what we eat and proper nutrition improves our skin, nail, hair and energy levels. I focus a lot on hydrating with coconut water, as much as I love it, I limit my coffee intake and replace it with matcha, which I find is kinder on my skin. I also follow a dairy-free pescatarian diet. Out of all the ways of eating that I have experimented with over the years, this makes me feel healthier and energized.

MH: I mostly eat a plant-based diet, but will eat animal protein when my body craves it. I love tonics and juices. I’m really into anything with ginger, lemon, dandelion root, or cayenne pepper. I love the charcoal lemon drinks too.

SC: I’m a vegan, and I avoid anything that is non-organic and/or harmful on the environment. I have no doubt that my diet has absolutely affected my skin quality and tone, and improved my digestion (which also affects the skin and our overall health). I also drink a high quality super food drink from Purium and take vegan protein pills and B12 daily.

Any advice for glowing skin?

KJ: Yoga and water. And I do inversions when I want my skin to glow. The blood rushes to your face and gives you a good flush of color.

HB: Let your skin breathe. As I plan my week, I choose days when I won’t wear make up to allow my skin to breathe.

MH: Tons of water throughout the day, Dandelion root tea (I drink 2-3 cups every night before bed), tons of fruits and veggies, and a good facial at least once per month, if you can swing it!

SC: Yoga inversions like shoulder, head and handstands increase the circulation, flooding the face with blood, as well as regulating the hormonal system.

For Earth Day and Beyond: The Best Natural Make Up and Skincare Products

The inspiration: Tilda Swinton in “Stranger than Paradise,” photographed by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob K; W magazine May 2013.

This concealer glides on so smoothly, which makes covering pesky under-eye circles easily do-able. RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up, $36,

The ingredients are derived from a veritable grocery list (potato, coconut, radish, lime, olive), so I call it my salad soap. I use it every night, which is good because—due to said grocery list—it will expire by the end of next year. Linné Eco Purify Face Wash, $58,

On a recent ski trip, my husband whipped this out on every chairlift ride to protect his cheeks and nose against the harshly reflective snow and sun.

Promise Organic Sunscreen Stick, $10,

During same aforementioned ski trip, I became addicted to this super smooth yet sturdy lip balm, which I reapplied after every run.

Ilia Beauty Balmy Days, $26,

This adorable little tube of black lengthens and coats lashes in a sleek, natural way. By the way, I’m also addicted to the brand’s foundation and blush, but I had to pick one. Kjaer Weis Mascara, $38,

I was a bit taken aback by this oil’s blue color (that would be the blue tansy oil), but I got over it quickly. While retinoids help ease wrinkles, it’s the calming tansy and chamomile that I appreciate. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, $105,

Founder April Garguilo gave me the best tip when she introduced me to her serum: Use an acid toner beforehand because it sets your skin up to better absorb the minerals, vitamins and fatty acids of the serum. Now, if she’d only create an acid toner… Vintner’s Daughter Serum, $185, [](Founder April Garguilo gave me the best tip when she introduced me to her serum: Use an acid toner beforehand because it sets your skin up to absorb the minerals, vitamins and fatty acids of the serum. Now, if she’d only create an acid toner… Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185,

On early mornings, I’ll spray this on my face before moisturizing. Mostly because it smells so damned good.

Nannie Inez Wake Up Mist, $24,

Most face scrubs are too much for my sensitive skin. With lactic acid, potato flour and a potpourri of essential oils, both my skin and my nose devour this weekly treat. Marie Veronique Profoliation Mask, $50,

This little tin box has long been my go-to for moments when I need something cozy. Whenever I inhale it, I am immediately transported to a morning hike in the woods. Aftelier Solid Perfume in Fir, $240,


Have any totally weird/unique beauty tricks up your sleeve?

HL: I take apple cider vinegar baths to detox the skin.

HB: For dry skin, get into the shower or bath and give yourself a honey mask.

SC: I use an all-natural dye to darken my eyebrows and eyelashes. Since I don’t wear makeup, this helps my brows and lashes pop and keeps me from looking too washed out.

In terms of your beauty routine, what’s your morning ritual?

KJ: I have an ideal morning ritual and a condensed version. Normally I wake up, drink lemon water, brush my teeth, wash my face, apply coconut oil all over my body, get dressed, and leave the house! When I have time, I add meditation and oil pulling to the routine. I try not to look at my phone until I’m out the door. I like to keep my morning technology free so my brain can be in its natural state for a while.

SC: I drink an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory tea from SunRider called Fortune Delight, which helps to reduce any swelling from sleep. I wash my face with Murad Essential-C Cleanser and use derma e Hydrating Day Crème as a moisturizer. Then I meditate, do yoga, shower and wash my face and moisturize again afterwards.

And how about a nighttime ritual?

HL: Often I do masks before bed. I am not always sure they actually “work”, but I do think that there is something really nice about taking care of your skin before you sleep as a means of winding down and settling the facial muscles you have been using all day to get what you need to get done. The face holds so much of our personality, and sometimes there is a bit of tension there from just smiling and holding it all together all day long. If I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ll take an Epson salt bath and rub lavender oil on the bottom of my feet too.

MH: I take a hot lavender sea salt bath at least four nights a week. I use the time to read or light candles and completely decompress and unplug. Three nights a week I use a sugar face polish by Fresh. And I always apply Alchimie Kantic Brightening Moisture mask and Image Ageless total pure hyaluronic acid before bed.

If you could share your beauty advice with women in one sentence, what would it be?

HL: Your natural skin, your natural hair, your genuine smile, your true words and your laugh are the most beautiful beautiful beautiful parts of you; don’t cover them up.

KJ: Keep it simple and natural.

HB: No one has ever existed who is exactly like you and no one will be quite like you again – rejoice in your unique one of a kind beauty.

MH: Celebrate and showcase your features that you love, drink mad amounts of water and get your beauty rest!

SC: Love and accept yourself fully and completely for who are, stop judging, forgive always, and try not to buy into unrealistic standards of beauty!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Karlie Kloss and More of the Best Natural Beauty Moments of the Week

Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver wears playful French braids with loose pieces framing her face and a creamy, nude lip.

Photo by @josephineskriver

Model Stella Maxwell poses wearing a tousled high pony with sun-kissed, dewy skin and a dusty rose lip.

Photo by @stellamaxwell

Model Lais Ribeiro radiates with creamy, luminous skin while wearing a tousled half up do with a top knot.

Photo by @laisribeiro

Showing off her long brunette locks, model Ashley Graham goes bare with a natural face and a nude lip.

Photo by @theashleygraham

Actress Jessica Alba elevates her high, tousled pony and natural face with a pair chic eyeglasses and gold hoops.

Photo by @jessicaalba

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel opts for a sporty chic look wearing her long blonde locks in a high pony.

Photo by @angelcandices

Gwyneth Paltrow bares it all wearing her blonde locks in loose natural waves without a touch of makeup.

Photo by @gwynethpaltrow

Model Lily Aldridge rocks the ultimate bare-faced selfie wearing her hair in a high pony with luminous skin.

Photo by @lilyaldridge

Model Romee Strijd poses sans makeup wearing her hair in naturally tousled waves with a natural face.

Photo by @ romeestrijd

Supermodel Karlie Kloss proves a little goes a long way wearing her hair in natural waves with a touch of cream blush on the cheeks.

Photo by @karliekloss

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