The Best Astrology Apps to Get You Through This Month’s Mercury in Retrograde

From Co-Star’s weird push notifications to Channing Tatum’s fave, The Pattern, the three apps you need to know.

Tim Walker

From starry social media accounts @notallgeminis, @zodiacboyfriend and W’s favorite @poetastrologers, to the recent rise of astrology apps, the signs are literally everywhere. This July marks 2019’s second mercury in retrograde: the classic cosmic scapegoat for anything that goes majorly—or minorly—wrong. And while the veracity of astrology may still be up for debate in some circles, the Internet’s obsession with figuring out TV character’s zodiac signs doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Whether you’re a stargazing neophyte trying to read your birth chart or die-hard astrology buff looking for deeper understanding, here’s a selection of the best astrology apps to download now.


If you’ve been in the Instagram astro-sphere lately, there’s a reasonable chance you’ve heard of Co-Star Astrology, the app that answers the question: what if Moira Rose read your horoscope? Its black and white interface, which would satisfy even the most discerning aesthete, segments your day by areas you’re feeling “power”, “pressure” or “trouble” in and also organizes your natal chart into digestible blurbs. While their IG account focuses on text-post breakdowns of each sign’s response to any situation, their app is famous for its passive-aggressive push notifications, so much so that they have spawned their own memes. These notifications range from the nihilist “everything doesn’t happen for a reason, it just happens because it happens, period” to the downright rude “your ego is standing in the way of your happiness.”


If it’s your first time dipping your toes into the world of astrology apps, Sanctuary is the place to start. Breezy and formatted like a text conversation, this app boasts 1-on-1 birth chart readings and an illustrated library of astrology terminology. The major pitfall: some of these extra features will cost you $19.99 a month. If paying isn’t your thing, their Instagram page hosts some pretty solid infographics on everything from new moons in Cancer to how much of a Gemini rising you are (apparently, a lot).

Perfect for anyone with a vague curiosity about astrology, it provides plenty of positive reinforcement, exclamation points and daily “power emojis,” all in one candy-colored package.

The Pattern

According to Twitter, if you want an app that will read you for filth like Billy Porter on Pose, look no further than The Pattern. The Pattern doesn’t seem to care that you’re an Aries sun or Scorpio moon; it’s all about “your pattern” and “your timing”. This is not an app for the faint of heart—just ask the app’s newest celebrity convert Channing Tatum. Last week, Tatum proceeded to lose his mind over the app’s eerie accuracy, crashing The Pattern’s servers in the process. Tatum has since made peace with the app and posted a follow up video:

Exactly how it decides you have four days left to “let go of illusions” is still a little unclear, and some of its “world updates” could apply to any given day of the year. Still, the app has developed a cult following with its hyper-detailed insights, as well as suggested fixes for any of those self-destructive tendencies you didn’t know you had until it told you.