Cara Delevingne has long been associated with daring when it comes to beauty: The model and actress first rose to fame because of her bushy eyebrows, and even now that she's more than established, in the past year, she's shaved her head, painted it silver, dyed her hair pink, and suddenly become a brunette. But her latest move is surprising even for Delevingne: Despite the fact that she just turned 25 this summer, she's now the face of Dior's new anti-aging skincare line, Capture Youth.

Delevingne is perhaps bit younger than Dior's target audience, but unlike Dior's past anti-aging lines, which targeted 40-50-year-olds, Capture Youth is intended to appeal to those who haven't yet given thought to wrinkle-preventing regimes, aiming to delay any signs of aging even before they appear. (Though the line's choice of model certainly makes it seem like the brand is fine with appealing to those interested in putting a halt to wrinkles at least half a decade before they might appear, too.)

Bella Hadid, who just turned 21, is also a Dior beauty ambassador, though her work with the brand has been much more in the realm of mascara than Delevingne's foray into Florentine iris, which pumps up the productivity glyoxalase, aka the skin's antioxidant defense system. Unlike Hadid, Delevingne has yet to post about her affiliation with the brand on social media, which might just be for the best: the 28-year-old actress Lucy Hale, for one, was roasted when she recommended starting your anti-aging regimen early.

Still, Delevingne certainly has the experience for the job: She's been a brand ambassador of Rimmel, and is not only as close to 20 as she is to 30, but is fresh from writing her first-ever young adult novel, making her certainly tapped in with the youth. And there's another definite plus for the pairing: Whereas one of Rimmel's ads featuring Delevingne was banned in the U.K. for dramatically exaggerating the effects of its mascara, there definitely won't be any need for airbrushing for Dior when it comes to Delevingne's nonexistent wrinkles.

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