Cara Delevingne, who is by now a multi-hyphenate to the point where it's accurate to call her a model-actress-novelist-designer-singer-philanthropist, is breaking into yet another medium. Yes, she's joining her first television series. She'll co-star with fellow Brit Orlando Bloom in Amazon's Carnival Row, which is being described as a "neo-Victorian fantasy series." It's set in a world where magic creatures are real, and seems to have thematic undertones that will tackle the issues of immigration, refugee crises, and xenophobia, but with fairies.

Delevingne, as if you hadn't already assumed, will play one of the fairies. A fairy named Vignette Stonemoss to be exact. Bloom, as previously announced, will play a human police detective.

The general plot goes like this: The magical creatures have fled to a human city when their own homeland has been torn apart by war. The city's natives grow weary of the new immigrant population, and tensions seem set to boil over.

Meanwhile, fairies are being killed left and right, but no one really seems to care. No one, except, it seems for Bloom's noble detective.

While this seems particularly timely, the idea for the series began more than a decade ago as a feature film script by Travis Beacham that was singled out in 2005 by the Blacklist as one of Hollywood's best unproduced scripts. The idea to turn it into a television series popped up about two years ago. At that time director Guillermo del Toro was involved, but that's not longer the case. At least it's finally happening at all though.

In a 2015 interview, Beacham explained that the idea for the film first started all the way back when he was in film school and he was reading Lord of the Rings and wondered what would happen if a fantasy world like that had matured into an industrial age. He realized that perhaps it might make for a better television series after watching both Deadwood and Game of Thrones.

The eight-episode series also promises to have an expansive ensemble cast (apparently a "tiger-faced vampire crime lord" may also play a part) and dig deeper into the surrounding world (which, also, hopefully means there will be plenty of opportunities for actors of color—ahem, Amazon).

As for Delevingne, it's probably not surprising she'd wind on on television considering she seems to be doing a bit of everything lately.

Here's a list of all the thing 25-year-old Delevingne has done so far in her life:

Here is a short list of things Delevingne has not done, but may very well attempt soon:

Give her time though. She's only 25.

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