Cardi B Is Perfecting Her Runway Walk on Instagram to the Tune of “Baby Shark”

The rapper is ready for fashion month.


For months—years, even—Britney Spears has had a lock on the Instagram runway video. You’ve seen it, surely: Spears marches, twirls, struts down a hallway in her home, sometimes adding a little tango step or a hair flip. She started posting the videos in early 2017, and has returned to the form from time to time since then.

Spears hasn’t posted a runway video in a minute, though, which has opened up the field to a challenger. And Cardi B is rising to the occasion. On Thursday, she posted a clip to her Instagram, in which she strolls down an imaginary runway next to her pool to the tune of the runaway viral children’s song “Baby Shark.” She takes her time, swaying her hips and holding her petite Birkin bag gingerly (not her only Birkin—she also owns at least one other, a bright yellow alligator-skin situation); as she nears the top of the runway (the end of the pool, the side closest to the camera), she pauses, brings a hand up to her hair, and begins to sing along with the track.

“Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo,” she mouths, pulling at the lapels of her chartreuse leopard-print jacket (by DROMe, per the caption to the post) to reveal a matching bright green bodysuit with side cutouts (this one by Death By Dolls) underneath. She paired the jacket and bodysuit with a pair of slick vinyl paints by I.Am.Gia and hoops by Jennifer Fisher; her nails, shockingly long, are a matching shade of violent green.

Then, just as Daddy Shark’s chorus begins, Cardi B turns on her toe and walks back the way she came. Walking straight into a Vegas residency, probably.

Céline Dion might be the most delightful presence at couture week—this season, and every season—but Cardi B is definitely bracing herself for fashion month.