As we enter the last month of the year, a surge of energy will push nostalgia and reflection away and welcome action. Your December horoscope reflects this, and this what we’ll feel on December 7 with the new moon in Sagittarius. Toward the end of the month, the pendulum will then swing in the opposite direction—specifically on December 22, when the full moon is in Cancer. For many people, this year has been one of surprises. Changes have arrived unannounced and have often led to entirely new lives. Those lives are only just beginning to reveal themselves. So be patient, and get ready to welcome 2019.

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As the year winds down, you’ll feel a longing to be with someone who has moved away—perhaps a friend or a former lover. The feeling will haunt you, but also remind you that you’re very far from an old life you weren’t sure was the right one to begin with. Twenty-eighteen has been a year of new friendships and job opportunities. It has tested you, and despite your over accommodating nature, you have survived. What’s ahead might surprise you. The coming months will require a certain business savvy that you didn’t know you possessed. Twenty-nineteen will be a very lucky year for you—lucky in terms of money. The most important impulse to follow is the impulse to begin. And since you’re the baby of the zodiac, the first and youngest sign, you always carry this impulse with you. Don’t be afraid to say yes, even if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re saying yes to. That’s part of it.


You are the sign of endurance and you’ve endured a lot these last 12 months. This year has tested you greatly. You’ve had to revise your playbook of ideas on just about everything. Friendships and relationships have been tested, and people have shown you the dark sides of their egos, asking you to make hard choices on how much you’re willing to put up with. The good news is that you're almost on the other end of the tunnel. The next year will bring you peace. You will continue on the right career path, navigating some tricky situations with grace. And as the year goes on, you’ll find that you’ve been working toward a future that’s finally starting to take shape. Although some people think of you as a homebody, 2018 found you with a lust for travel and new experiences outside of your comfort zone. If you didn’t have the time or resources to take those trips, 2019 will give you more opportunities to see some places you’ve been longing to.


You’ve thought a lot about your true calling over the past year. It's made you question where you work, where you live, and even if you want to go back to school or in some other way change gears. This confusion hasn't made it the easiest year, and while you’ll carry that with you into the next, a big change is in the works. It might take you some time to realize it’s happening, but it will have to do with your career. Even if you don’t change jobs or get promoted, the nature of your work will change, or perhaps simply how you feel about it. Twenty-nineteen will bring you clarity. With this clarity you’ll feel a great responsibility to change other things too, like love, spending more time on your personal passions, and going out more. (After all, you are the party.) Your impatience is infamous, so please, don’t think all this will happen in a week or a month, or even in one season. But take heart in knowing that everything you’ve been thinking of changing will be greenlit, light by light, and in time.

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This last year has been personally challenging. Maybe it hasn’t seemed so from the outside, but for you, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. In spite of this, you really have tried to maintain order in your life. You’ve also worried, as you often do, how best to balance your need to pursue your passions career-wise with your need for immense financial security. Next year will bring you opportunities to do both. If you follow your instincts and longstanding contacts, you will enter a path of prosperity, both spiritually and financially. Also, health may be a big theme for 2019. You take such good care of others, but at times you can neglect yourself. If you continue to do so, there may be problems. Remember that just as you care for your family and friends, your family and friends care for you. They need you to be healthy and see you as the rock you know yourself to be.


It’s been one of those years you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Some disappointments arose, but you’ve found a great love or deepened the one you’d already discovered. (This doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love.) Your persistence and loyalty really helped you overcome some challenging situations in 2018. So much is said about your vanity and need for attention, but people often forget how determined you are and how hard you work. They won’t need to be reminded in 2019. It will be a year in which you’ll produce many things—at work, creatively, and within your friendships. Remember that the sun is your ruler. You are a constant source of energy. You’re interested in renewal and you are absolutely an optimist. Don’t be afraid to believe in people and in the ideas that seem impossible but make life worth living. Towards the beginning of the year you’ll rekindle an old friendship that’s always been at the center of your heart.


Twenty-eighteen has been a year of great change for you. You’ve attempted to move on old modes of behavior and to see your old relationships through new eyes. Although you can be loyal to a fault, you may have walked away from some relationships that weren’t serving you any longer. Walking away brought you in touch with the side of yourself that loves the new. You’ve shut the door on toxic friends and lovers. Still, 2019, especially the first few months, might put you in a space of rejection and guilt. You'll start to question if you made the right choices, and if you should go back to the way things were. When you have these feelings, remember these words: you shouldn’t. It's a good thing to re-learn who you are and what makes you happy. And if you stay on the new path you’re on, there will be opportunities for an even greater happiness. Also, as you probably know, you have a knack for excelling at work, thanks to your tenacity and grace in stressful situations. These qualities will impress a lot of people towards the middle of the year, and an exciting new job opportunity may be in the works.


Well, here you are in your new life. You changed a lot this past year. You may have moved or started a new job; you may have jumped into a new workout regime, too. Twenty-eighteen has been a year of real personal shifts. And yet despite all that, love is still on your mind, as ever. Will you ever tire of rehearsing the endless ideal possibilities in your head? A real love is not an ideal love. Somewhere inside of you, you know this, but you still fight with yourself constantly. You will find real love, but please give up the perfectionist mind with which you judge yourself. It will require—are you ready?—less grace and more grit. This is difficult for you to imagine, but you’ll imagine it. You’ll find it, or at least begin to see it, in 2019. Don’t forget that you're an old soul, and that that makes your oldest friends, even if you don’t hear from them as often as you’d like, the ones that truly know you. You take time to be known. There is an endlessness to you that they’ve seen over the years, and an endlessness that will continue. That’s real love right there.


Twenty-eighteen was a time of important decision-making. You're a determined person who sticks with the things that you've decided on, and the past year has given you a lot of reasons to stick by your choices. This especially applies to your love life. Sometimes you mistake a lack of passion for proof that a relationship isn’t worth sticking around for. If necessary, you can flee quickly from these lackluster affairs. This year, you learned that you actually thrive on the stability of the mundane; it makes you feel known, and less anxious. So you've stuck by your inner, stable heart, and your heart has granted you security in the process. Twenty-nineteen will give you some time to spread your wings in your career. Foundations that you've been building will take shape and turn into actual, living structures. You've likely made a bit of a name for yourself around the workplace, but 2019 will give you opportunities to grow into the leader you know you can be. Take lessons from your love life and see things through, and you'll reap the benefits all year.


This past year has required real fearlessness. Knowing you, you’re probably disappointed and think you should have taken more chances. But you have taken them. You just don’t know that yet. The decisions you’ve made this year will bring positive consequences for years to come—maybe even decades. Whether you’ve left someone you thought was important, or a job that was no longer as pleasurable as it used to be, you’ve made the right decision. Things won’t get easier immediately, so in the meantime, stop obsessing about why things aren’t happening fast enough and use the day to get and actually do things. Wake up earlier. Make lists like a Virgo and cross them off. Action will be the most important thing in 2019. You’re already too good at talking philosophy all day long. That’s not what you need right now. Continue to put yourself out there and follow your impulses, even if others around you often think they’re illogical. Who cares? They’re not the ones living your life. Next year, you’ll also finish a really big creative or personal project. It will change everything. But you have to believe and stop doing so much talking. Just do it.


Twenty-eighteen was a year of self-reflection; you struggled to understand some deep regrets that rose to the surface. You may be methodical, but you can sometimes move too quickly and impulsively—and you've definitely acted impulsively at times this year. Those occasions left you wondering if your instincts can indeed be trusted, but here's the good news: a Capricorn can always trust their own instincts. As you move forward, towards your goals, in the face of adversities, remember to listen to your emotions before making decisions. Don’t always choose the thing that might advance your career—that may bring short-term windfalls, but also long-term heartache. As another year begins, try to let go of some of the regrets that weigh on you, particularly those that have to do with friendship. As for love, learn to trust your heart there, too, and choose a person who makes you laugh as opposed to someone whose status you admire, whatever that means to you. All in all, 2019 will be a productive and successful year for you.


People can change their lives on any day. Not just on one at the beginning of the year, and not just one at the end of the year either. This is the energy you’ll bring with you into 2019. You’ve felt quite stuck this year and you’re turning around. You’ve passed up some chances that you wish you hadn't. You've been held back by, primarily, self-doubt and fear. So, remember: you are a sign of great vision. You are a visionary and your ideas are transformative, but you must believe in them and you must give them time. You’ve often prioritized other people over your true passions, taking a few steps back in an attempt to please someone who may never be pleased with anything. But all this will change now, because you've changed. You’ve gained more strength than you realize through your self-reflection, even though it’s been emotionally brutal. Remember that your friends see you as the strength they need to begin living their real lives. You are so powerful. Do that for yourself.


This past year saw you use your skills of persuasion to win, and not just in one arena. Career-wise, for example, your caring nature took center stage and led to financial gain. You're easily able to benefit from business interactions because you care so deeply about people, which this year made the people you served feel nurtured and seen. Sometimes you didn't even intend to benefit so immensely from these relationships—it’s just that you’re that good at reading people and situations. Twenty-nineteen will bring you more opportunities to use these skills and therefore to substantially advance. Continue doing what you’re doing at work, but don't forget about love. You may have had your eye on someone for much of 2018. If so, 2019 may be the time to make your move. There is new love on your mid-year horizon, so take the plunge and see what comes of it. Whatever you do, you are blessed with karmic perfectness.

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