Last night the much-anticipated Clueless, the Musical debuted and Dove Cameron could have been mistaken for a young Alicia Silverstone. She had the part completely down, judging by the first photos, and on the red carpet she looked like a modern-day Cher.

If Cher had been written for 2018, she definitely would have had the same "Yasss" clutch as Cameron. The actress, who also stars in Netflix's recent film, Dumplin’, paired the bag with a simple black sequined dress and black strappy sandals—not unlike the ones Travis accidentally ruined at the Valley party. Cameron also embraced her blonde hair, wearing it down and straight like Cher. Meanwhile, her costars similarly dressed in 2018 looks that channeled their characters. Zurin Villanueva, who plays Dionne, wore a strapless mauve dress decked out with a rhinestone belt and choker. Ephie Aardema, on the other hand, went in a grungier direction, wearing a pair of black combat boots with a black dress and white top underneath.

Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Cameron, Villanueva, and Aardema looked even more the part in the actual production, where they wore recreations of the original outfits, which were created by Mona May. Luckily for the majority of us who aren't seeing the production today, Cameron has been sharing photos of their looks on social media. That includes the highly stylized workout attire that most schools would not actually allow in gym class. She posted a photo of herself alongside Villanueva and Tessa Grady, who plays Amber, along with the words Dionne made famous: "Well, there goes your social life."

Cameron also shared a glimpse at her version of Cher's iconic yellow plaid suit, paired with white knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes, of course.

One modern tweak? Cameron ditches the suit jacket for a striped shrug at some point, while Dionne wears a plaid red skirt with a shaggy sweater crop top. “She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like to have people be jealous of us,” Cameron captioned the photo of the two of them, referencing a Cher quote.

Between Clueless, the Musical and Clueless the film reboot, being led by Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver, there's never been a better time to be a '90s kid.