Ever since Netflix first announced it would be replacing the cast of The Crown to age up the characters, fans have been dying to see what the new Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of her royal court would look like. On Monday, they finally got their answer.

At 3 a.m. Eastern Time, Netflix tweeted the first picture of Olivia Colman in character as the queen, previously played by Claire Foy. In the photo, Colman, clad in pearls and a pale pink suit, sits at a table laden with toast, jam, and important-looking envelopes while she brandishes a teacup and stares off into the distance with a determined look in her eye, her left hand curled in a fist. Which is how we imagine that actual Queen likely starts each and every one of her mornings.

Netflix made sure to include a cheeky note for fans who were no doubt left wanting more. In lieu of any more details about season 3, the streaming service simply tweeted, "Patience."

First Look At The New Queen Elizabeth in 'The Crown' 1

The Crown


Previously, Colman gave fans a glimpse at her approach for portraying Queen Elizabeth II. "I think Claire Foy is an absolute genius," she said when Netflix first confirmed her casting. "She's an incredibly hard act to follow. I'm basically going to rewatch every episode and copy her!" As far as one promotional still goes, it looks like she's staying true to her word.

Netflix has yet to release in-character photos of the other new cast members. In April, they announced that Tobias Menzies would be replacing Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter would be replacing Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. At the time, Carter shared similar sentiments about taking over from her predecessor. "I'm not sure which I'm more terrified about — doing justice to the real Princess Margaret or following in the shows of Vanessa Kirby," she said. "The only thing I can guarantee is that I'll be shorter than Vanessa."

Of course, there is still no answer to the most pressing of The Crown mysteries. Namely, who will nab the star making role of young Princess Diana and how much, exactly, can we expect to see of her in the upcoming season?

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