Harry Styles Wears Tiny Tank Top and Clutch, Reduces Rome to Tears

His appearance at Gucci’s cruise show was greeted by a sobbing mob.

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The status of Harry Styles‘s dating life may remain unknown, but when it comes to his relationship with Gucci, rest assured that things are going spectacularly. This month has been a particularly affectionate one: Styles has shown head-to-toe support for the house on the red carpet of the Met Gala, as well as starred in his third Gucci campaign. And on Tuesday, he closed out the month by making the trek to Rome’s Capitoline Museums to take in Gucci‘s cruise 2020 show—and paint nails with the house’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

As Michele put it to WWD, the show was a “hymn to freedom,” in support of gender equality, the women’s liberation movement, and reproductive rights. The collection, then, was full of references to the ’70s, topped off with slogans like “May 22, 1978,” the date that Italy legalized abortion; “Chime for Change,” the name of the house’s pro-gender equality campaign; and the popular protest refrain “my body my choice.” One dress also featured an embroidered ovaries motif, which Styles joined Zoe Saldana and Salma Hayek in appreciating and gesturing at backstage.

Other attendees of the show included Elton John, who Styles seemed to be channeling with his relatively toned down Gucci ensemble. In a departure from his usual floral suits, Styles stuck to a creamy color scheme, topping off his simple ribbed white tank top with a tan double-breasted blazer. As for his matching trousers, they were so voluminous that, even cuffed, they dragged on the floor, offering only a glimpse at the pale pink shoes he wore underneath.

Far left: Harry Styles’s foot, captured by Alessandro Michele at Gucci’s cruise 2020 show in Rome.

Courtesy of @alessandro_michele

Styles had also painted some of his nails pink, but not all; he threw a bit of blue in there to achieve a bisexual manicure, if you will—one of his go-to looks. (He swapped in black at the Met Gala earlier this month for a full monochrome.) Styles also channeled Michele by piling on stacks of rings, including two bearing his initials. And then, of course, there were his massive pink sunglasses, which he brought along with him to the show’s after-party, where he reunited and performed with his ultimate “lover,” Stevie Nicks.

Rounding out his accessories was a Gucci GG Marmont raffia clutch, which Michele posted a closer look at on his Instagram Stories. (And which Styles fans immediately tracked down, as they did with Styles’s massive pink sunglasses.)

Harry Styles’s hands and clutch, captured by Alessandro Michele at Gucci’s cruise 2020 show in Rome.

Courtesy of @alessandro_michele

If you were hoping for an even closer look, well, you’re not alone. They may have been held back by metal barricades, but the hordes of fans who showed up to catch a glimpse of Styles in the flash still had no trouble making their presence known; they began their chants of “Harry” even before Styles arrived. Of course, when he did finally show face, they really responded: The streets of Rome were filled with sobs, shrieks, and tears almost instantaneously. (You may want to play the below videos on mute.)

But that was just the beginning of the hysteria. Eventually, Styles had apparently so fully overwhelmed the crowd that they began to break down the barriers acting as their restraints. Alas, security eventually thwarted their attempts to open the floodgates, but they did succeed in inching just a teeny bit closer to their beloved Hazza.

Styles, for his part, simply stayed true to his merch slogan, “Treat People With Kindness.” Apparently unbothered, he stuck around to make sure his legions of sobbing fans were (relatively) okay.

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