Though the model Julia van Os channeled the quintessential Libra for W’s spring horoscope fashion story—“some glamorous girl in a pink dress, Princess of Monaco, doing her makeup,” she said on the set of the shoot—van Os herself usually opts for a more understated brand of beauty. (But, in classic Libra fashion, she’s also not opposed to doing it up from time to time. It’s all about balance, after all.)

In the nearly three years since her breakout Fall 2015 season, van Os's ability to disappear into various looks has earned her a diverse array of credits. She has appeared in campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen and walked in shows for brands as varied as Chanel, Kenzo, Balmain (multiple times over, because creative director Olivier Rousteing likes to keep his favorite models close), and Dolce & Gabbana. Here, van Os dispenses her beauty tips, like how she combats jet lag and why, despite what you’ve been told, you should probably be touching your face—as well as her unexpected, though not unwelcome, doppelgänger.

Your look in three words:
Simple, natural, healthy.

Medicine cabinet snapshot:
Iron, vitamins C, B12, and D3, echinacea, melatonin (for never-ending jet lag).

Best advice from a facialist:
Don’t forget to moisturize your neck.

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Good skin starts with:
Less stress, more water.

SPF of choice:
Fifteen for my face, 30 for my body.

Makeup miracles:
Filling in your brows.

Most underrated product:
Vaseline. You can use it to take off makeup, put it on your eyelashes at night to make them stronger, put it on cracked heels, mix it into your night cream, use as lip balm, etc., etc.

Never leave the house without:

A good hair day starts with:
Very unpredictable for me, to be honest. Sometimes it just decides to look good. When I have somewhere important to be, it usually decides not to…

Nails must be:
Short and clean.

Beauty from the inside:
Is everything. Smile a lot, laugh a lot. That’s what people will remember about you, not your flawless contour.

Exercise obsession:
Yoga! I’m training to be a yoga teacher right now.

Drink of choice:
Coffee, until wine (it’s 5 p.m. somewhere).

A woman's fragrance should:
Put a little smile on her face every time she smells it.

I love Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeCa. Or a good old Russian baths visit after a night out. Not exactly a relaxing experience, but it does the trick.

TSA-friendly essentials:
Hand cream, lip balm, leave-on face mask to prevent dehydration, eye mask for after-red-eye-straight-to-work situations.

In-tub must read:
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

Best advice from mom:
You’re the only one who sees it/cares. Which is usually true when it comes to any insecurities.

Best-kept beauty secret:
Lymphatic drainage massages. (Learn to do them on yourself—only takes 15 minutes, and it will save your life one day.)

Beauty myth you’d like to debunk:
Don’t touch your face. There [are] so many muscles in your face, and they need to be touched and massaged to be kept in good condition, just like any other muscles.

Definite doppelgänger: No idea. Someone on the Internet once said I looked like Tom Cruise. I was like, "Hmm…I’ll take that.”