You would not be surprised to hear that when it comes to New York Fashion Week memories, Nicky Hilton Rothschild has more than a few to share.

"When my sister [Paris] and I used to attend the shows, we would dress as twins, which I think goes back to my mother always dressing us up as twins," Rothschild recalled. "I have this one memory of us at the Sean John show wearing bandanas and wife-beaters that said Sean John. Everything was matching."

The socialite was holding court at the Soho restauratn Le Coucou, sans Paris—though she did match her cherry print Philosophy dress to a cherry print Edie Parker bag—for W's annual It Girl luncheon, hosted by W Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg and Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi. And if anyone knows something about being an It girl, it is certainly a Hilton.

"To me the ultimate It girl, it's not about what you wear, it's how you carry yourself," she explained. "It is someone with a really fun, unique personality, who is philanthropic, creative, interesting. It is more about that."


The trendy French restaurant was filled with fashion and Hollywood mainstays, including Kate Bosworth, Ashley Benson, Hailey Gates, Chiara Ferragni, and more milling about the space catching up post-summer break.

"I've been traveling the world, so I feel like I'm the person who is lugging around a lot of suitcases," said Bosworth. "I just came from Venice, which was incredible. It was amazing." It was at the film festival, in fact, that the actress had narrowly missed her choice for the ultimate It girl, Julianne Moore.

"Ever since I was new to all of this, I looked up to Julie and just think she is the epitome of class," she said. "She's also so fun and playful and obviously incredibly brilliant, but very kind and just grounded—all things that I think make someone 'It.'"

The actress was in town to take in a handful of shows before heading back to Los Angeles, where she is focusing on producing. "I love acting but I like the idea of having more of a collaborative voice in the creative process," she said. "Obviously we are talking about about the role of women in film, and one of the things that we really have to be mindful of is participating more in a way that gives us a voice, and if that means finding source material or collaborating with people who are creating things or writing a screenplay, and asserting ourselves more—that is something I am very passionate about."

Benson, fresh off the series finale of her female-led show Pretty Little Liars, took in the scene while contemplating her style icons—this is fashion week, after all. "I'm obsessed with the Olsen twins," she said without missing a beat. "I've been obsessed with them since I was young and I look at their fashion stuff every day. I follow all of these weird fan accounts on my Instagram. I have met them in passing, and I've tried to see them around New York and I saw them one time and freaked out. I'd probably be really strange if I ever hung out with them."

Elsewhere, a pack of newly minted It girls, including Amelia Grey Hamlin and Sistine Stallone were taking in their very first New York Fashion Week, and having a few fan girl moments of their own.

"I feel like this is really embarrassing, but I sat next to Ansel Elgort at the Tom Ford show the other night and that was just... pretty cool," said Stallone.

Hamlin, on the other hand, had yet to have her dream celebrity sighting—Adriana Lima—but had had a very sweaty encounter with another supermodel just days before. "I was in Dogpound the other day and saw Ashley Graham, and I was like, 'Oh my god,'" she said.

As for her ultimate fashion It girl? Gigi Hadid, fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills scion, of course. "We have the same stylist!" she exclaimed. "But also I just think her style is so amazing. It is so chic and so clean, and she makes it really authentic. I just think it is super dope."

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