Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin ''Were Never Serious''

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It would appear as though the blooming romance between Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin has been nipped in the bud. As of Tuesday, per E! News, the quasi-coupling that may or may not have existed between the Kardashian family member and NBA player is no more. Or at the very least, things have "slowed down" considerably—things that were apparently "never serious" in the first place, if an insider is to be believed.

"They were hanging out but both knew that it wasn't going to be a long-term, exclusive relationship," the insider told E! "They are still in contact and hangout here and there when they are both in town because they truly have a lot of fun together. Kendall always says that Blake makes her laugh and that's why she loves being around him."

Said insider is reportedly not the only one who can confirm the "slowing down" of things. Another source told E! News that indeed, things were not serious, and that the frequent hangouts have lessened in the past month, but added that this wasn't due to any major event. "There was nothing that caused this specifically and they will always be friends," the source continued, adding that Jenner "has a lot on her plate and isn't really looking for a serious relationship."

Jenner and Griffin were previously seen canoodling at Universal Studios's Halloween Horror Nights in October. Also seen canoodling were rumored parents-to-be Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, who were there in attendance on a double-date. Prior to that, Jenner and Griffin were spotted on another double hang-out in August, during which, it was said, Jenner was less than enthused about Griffin's affections. As this chapter of Kardashian-Jenner life comes to a close, we can go back to focusing on the A plot, aka Kylie Jenner's maybe pregnancy.

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