Few Kardashian family controversies pass by without being addressed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so maybe we shouldn't be surprise Kendall Jenner's reaction to the fallout surrounding her controversial Pepsi commercial despite the fact there was some indication that Jenner herself didn't want it filmed.

"We're not perfect, but you see these things in the media, like Kendall and [her Pepsi ad that was accused of trivializing Black Lives Matter], where I see her at home crying, but in the media she looks another way because she's not addressing it," Kim Kardashian told The Hollywood Reporter in an expansive cover story celebrating the show's upcoming 10 anniversary. "I'm just like, 'This is wrong. You need to speak up.' She was like, 'I don't ever want to show that footage of me crying.' She was trying to not make excuses or be dramatic, but that was what she was going through at the time."

Well, what do you know, in a just-released promo teasing the upcoming season, Jenner's reaction is one of the few new bits of footage highlighted.

"I feel like my life is over," says Jenner in conversation with her older sister.

"You made a mistake," replied Kardashian.

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And while that could be about any Kardashian drama, the E! Network's own news site clarifies that it is about the Pepsi controversy.

Sure, while in any controversy involving a 124-year-old multi-billion dollar international company and a 21-year-old girl, it's likely the mega-corporation that deserves more of the blunt of the blame. Yet, it's interesting the Kardashian's show won't totally let Jenner get away without any responsibility (though, what comes after "You made a mistake" remains to be seen).

Jenner has refused to address the controversy in public so far, though other members of the Kardashian clan and Pepsi have. In fact, Jenner may be one of the few people on the planet who hasn't directly addressed it. Everyone from Madonna to Alec Baldwin already has weighed in.

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