Kendall Jenner on horseback.

Courtesy of @kendalljenner

At the end of January, Kendall Jenner noticed an Instagram featuring Sofia Richie, Scott Disick, and one of his children posted by a fan account devoted to Disick, her sister Kourtney Kardashian's ex, and decided to leave the comment "awww scott and his kids." Complete with a grinning emoji, that would seem harmless enough, except that it was most definitely calling out the 15-year age difference between Disick, 34, and his new girlfriend Richie, who's just 19.

Keep in mind, Jenner posted that comment on a random fan account with around 15,000 followers. This past weekend, on the other hand, Jenner decided to shade Richie again—only this time it was via her own account, which has 87.1 million followers.


But first, the backstory: One of the last things we heard from Richie before Jenner's latest Instagram dig was that she'd been in mourning after the death of her horse Dragon. She announced his passing on January 10 with a photo of her much younger self with the horse, suggesting they'd had quite a long relationship, and the caption, "Rip to my beautiful dragon. Spent some of my happiest moments with this guy," which ended with a broken heart emoji.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and Richie, at least from her manicured Instagram feed, now seems to be recovering—enough to hang out with Katy Perry, anyway. Meanwhile, in between preparing for the birth of her sister Kylie's daughter, and finding herself in the midst of an unexpected controversy for posting a picture of an adorable fawn on Instagram without the photographer's permission, Jenner appears to have been cooking up yet more animal-related Insta-drama.

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Like her fellow supermodel best friends, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Jenner is something of a horse girl; she may not have been gunning to compete in the equestrian Olympics like Bella, but she's certainly expressed enough interest in over the years to build up some serious horse cred. (Most memorably, she spent one vacation riding horses in the Atlantic Ocean.)

So it's not suspicious that Jenner would get a new horse, a brown steed she introduced as her "new baby" on Instagram over the weekend. What is more than a little sus, though, is the name she chose for it: Dragon. Yep. (She also posted a heart-eyes emoji that was of course the opposite of the broken heart Richie posted to mourn her late horse.)

Sure, this potential feud is all speculation at this point, and it may seem rather petty. But that might just be because you're not a serious horse girl like Jenner, Richie, or the Hadids: As Bella has said about her old horse, Lego, aka her "ride or die," selling him was "like a breakup" that left her "traumatized." In fact, according to the almost-Olympian, "You can ask any equestrian: You develop a crazy, emotional connection with this animal. When you’re riding a horse, they have full control over you, and they can literally kill you in a second, so you build a trust with them."

Considering her family's taste for shade, one can't help but think that Jenner's choice of name was intentional. In any case, at least we finally know one of the names of the new babies in the Kardashian clan.

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