Kevin Spacey Accused of Groping the King of Norway’s Son-in-Law

He allegedly grabbed the royal's genitals.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert Rehearsals in Oslo
Sandy Young/WireImage

Ever since Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by actor Anthony Rapp, who alleges that the former House of Cards star “picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance,” the floodgates have opened for others to come forward. The latest to do so is former royal Ari Behn, who recently divorced Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. The King of Norway’s former son-in-law revealed that he was groped by Spacey in 2007 after a Nobel Peace Prize concert.

“We had a great talk, he sat right beside me,” Behn told radio station P4, BBC notes. “After five minutes he said, ‘hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette’. Then he puts his hand under the table and grabs me by the balls.” Behn responded by telling Spacey, “Er, maybe later.” “My hair was dark at the time,” he said. “I was 10 years younger and right up his alley.”

Spacey’s cavalier behavior and unwanted touching have been recurring themes in accusation alleged against him, though he’s also been accused of more than groping. Rapp said that he was just 14 years old when Spacey assaulted him at a house party Spacey thrown by Spacey. Meanwhile, another man, who has accused Spacey of sexual assault says he was also 14 years old when the actor tried to force himself on him. The accuser, who anonymously shared his account with [New York magazine](, recalled, “I always have said, ‘He tried to rape me.’ I told him I didn’t want that, he went again to do it, I told him no, he went again and pushed harder and grabbed me and pushed harder. I don’t know how I would see that as anything besides an attempted rape, which I was able to thwart.”

Since those two allegations, Spacey has also been accused of sexual misconduct by eight employees of House of Cards, the Netflix show which has since fired him with plans to continue filming the final season in his absence, just as Ridley Scott’s upcoming film All the Money in the World has done. Additionally, Spacey has been accused of sexual misconduct by 20 people at the Old Vic Theater.

After Rapp came forward with his own account, Spacey issued a non-apology apology attempting to shift the focus from his history of sexual assault to his coming out as a gay man. He has yet to respond to the latest allegations, however.

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