Kourtney Kardashian Is Allowing Scott Disick to Return From Exile for a Family Vacation

Following a misadventure in Costa Rica, she had “banned” him from joining their trips.


You probably shouldn’t expect to find Sofia Richie earning an open invite to Kardashian family vacations any time soon. In a new teaser for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian reveals that the family is planning a zenlike retreat to Bali, Indonesia—but she’s not sure whether she wants her ex to be included, because of previous vacation-related mishaps.

“I think we’re going to do a lot of stuff like this: tea ceremony; connect with yourself and breathe and sit in silence with your thoughts,” she says in the clip, which E! News released Thursday. Kendall Jenner is not joining; Kanye West is in Chicago, working on an album (and perhaps already incubating the idea of starting a church choir). Perhaps Scott Disick might like to come? Kris Jenner proposes with a sly smile, seemingly aware that she’s stirring up trouble. “That’s up to me,” Kourtney replies tartly, reminding her mom of their previous vacation, to Costa Rica, where Disick flew out a girl (unnamed) to join them. “That was the last family trip, and then I banned him,” Kourtney recalls. “I’m just not looking to have that again.”

Spoiler alert: Disick did come on their family vacation to Bali, which took place last fall, and he behaved: He did not bring Sofia Richie—or any other woman, for that matter. Of course, those were the halcyon pre-Jordyn-Woods-scandal days, against which all other instances of Kardashian-orbit misbehavior simply blanch. Plus, Disick had seemingly already regained some of Kourtney’s trust: He and Richie took the kids on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, via private jet, in the spring.

Anyway, in the teaser clip, Shiva Rose, the oil-obsessed mind behind Shiva Rose Beauty, who’s overseeing a tea ceremony for the three Kardashians while they hash out this vacation drama, is sort of like a stand-in for the rest of us. She declines to weigh in on the family drama; instead, smiling tranquilly, she just says, “I’m sure Bali will be beautiful.”