Most artists don't have the clout or the guts to drop a music video a year and three months after the song comes out, but most artists aren't Lady Gaga. On Friday, more than a year after she released her 2016 album, Joanne, the pop icon and incoming Vegas girl dropped the visuals for the piano version of her title track "Joanne." A far cry from the psychedelic grindhouse bacchanalia of "John Wayne," the music video for "Joanne" is a stripped-down, folksy walk through the woods.

As with the other Joanne music videos, this one picks up right where the last one left off. As you'll recall, "John Wayne" ends with Lady Gaga venturing into the woods with only her guitar for company. After a title card explains that "Joanne" is dedicated to her late aunt who died of lupus at the age of 19, when Gaga's father was only 15, the video opens with a series of close-ups on the singer. Since "Joanne" is a raw, emotional ballad, and the piano version of it even more so, the camera refuses to stray from the catharsis happening on Gaga's face.

From there, we accompany her on a prolonged frolic through the woods, stopping only to watch her rest on her guitar or howl the lyrics at the sky. She spends some time musing the train tracks, before playing some pool with a group of friends, whirling on a bridge, and taking a walk through the cities at night. The video ends with her running back into the woods, after which a title card gives Joanne's birth and death dates.

If you can handle a not-insignificant level of emotional turmoil this morning, watch the video for yourself below:

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