Since becoming one of the modeling's biggest names in the '70s, Lauren Hutton has racked up a record 40 covers of Vogue altogether, including 27 American editions. And now, at the ripe age of 73 years and 11 months old, Hutton is adding another to that illustrious list: She's the new star of not just one, but all three covers of Vogue Italia's new "Timeless Issue," which is the publication's first ever issue dedicated to women over 60.

It is, after all, a new era for Vogue Italia, as the publication proved last month at Milan Fashion Week with a star-studded party thrown by its new editor Emanuele Farneti, who took over from the late great Franca Sozzani after the fashion legend passed away late last year. Clearly, though, Farneti is holding onto Sozzani's legacy of daring, boundary-breaking imagery, not to mention eye for talent, as Hutton could hardly be a better fit.

Shortly after she began modeling, Hutton revolutionized the industry as the first model to demand a contract and therefore better pay for women. Now, decades after her heyday, Hutton has repeatedly made her rightful comeback over the last year alongside those who've reaped her benefit, walking the runway at Milan Fashion Week hand in hand with Gigi Hadid, and taking over from Kendall Jenner, whom she's recently done editorials with, as Calvin Klein's resident underwear model.

Now that Hutton's once again a cover star, she's officially beat out Tina Turner, who covered Germany's Vogue at 73 years old and four months in 2013, as the oldest woman to cover an edition of Vogue—not that Hutton seems to be looking to compete when it comes to issues like aging. In fact, of all her Vogue covers, she said that this one "is the most important," because it's the one that's "made [her] feel the most useful."

"This is a cover that can change society," Hutton continued, "because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age."

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Steven Klein, who shot the covers, took care to capture Hutton in a bra as a message to our "ageist society" that "you can be sexy at 70, too." Indeed, there are those even older than Hutton inside the issue, like 74-year-old Benedetta Barzini, who got her own Vogue Italia cover back in the '60s. Models like Iman, 62, and newfound CoverGirl Maye Musk, 69, can also be spotted alongside artists like Marina Abramović, 70, and Lynda Benglis, 75, as well as Instagram stars like Baddiewinkle, who is 89 and has over three million followers.

Hutton will no doubt be pleased with the results. She first realized the lack of any women who looked over 30 in magazines when she was 47, at which point she also took manners into her own hands, calling up every editor she knew "from every magazine all over the Western world," she told W earlier this year. These days, her message to them seems to be the same as it was back then: "'You know, we're at this nexus in history where women have got to be allowed to represent.'"

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