Leonardo DiCaprio's notoriously long and arduous road to winning an Oscar finally came to a close in 2016, when he at long last took home Best Actor for his role in The Revenant. Yet somehow, more than a year later, DiCaprio is still having Academy Award struggles: This week, he was forced to fork over his statuette—technically not his own, but one that was awarded to Marlon Brando.

The statuette had been gifted to DiCaprio by Red Granite Pictures, one of The Wolf of Wall Street's production companies, but the U.S. government recalled it because of its ongoing investigation into a money-laundering operation involving 1MDB, or 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which was founded by the stepfather of Red Granite principal Riza Aziz.

The stepfather is Malaysian prime minister Najib Raza, who was supposed to use 1MDB as a source of economic development for the Asian country, but is now being investigated as a proxy for bankrolling Raza and his associates, to the tune of more than $1 billion.

The investigation is extensive enough that DiCaprio has also had to turn in a $3.2 million Picasso and a $9 million Jean-Michel Basquiat. Last summer, after learning of the government's planned civil action against some of those involved in the production of The Wolf of Wall Street, some of DiCaprio's representatives actually contacted the U.S. Department of Justice, and DiCaprio himself gallantly volunteered to return the paintings to the feds.

The Picasso, for one, appears to have been given to DiCaprio as a gift by Jho Low, a billionaire Malaysian financier who was working with the fund and is at the center of the investigation. Low seems to have been equally benevolent to Miranda Kerr, the newlywed model whom he apparently [showered]($1.6 billion worth of assets) with diamonds over the course of their year-long relationship.

Unfortunately for Kerr, though, the jewels—which started arriving after she divorced Orlando Bloom in 2014, and quickly amounted to millions—turn out to be part of the $1.6 billion worth of goods the Department of Justice is now attempting to recover.

Kerr has been "cooperating fully," though unlike DiCaprio, she's been able to hold onto them for now. Here's hoping the millions Low reportedly used to pay Paris Hilton to party with him also weren't embezzled—and that Lindsay Lohan never drank the 23 bottles of Cristal he sent her on her 23rd birthday.

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