Liam Payne And Rita Ora’s Fifty Shades Freed Music Video “For You” Is Here

Let’s break this masterpiece down.


It’s almost February, and that only means one thing: Fifty Shades Freed is imminent. And with the new film comes a new song for the film, “For You” by Rita Ora and Liam Payne. The video just dropped and it’s, well, a lot of fun and also kind of a Taylor Swift rip-off? The big mansion looks like something straight out of the “Blank Space” video and you might remember that collaborating with a former One Directioner on a song for Fifty Shades was kind of her thing this time last year, when she and Zayn Malik did, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” The video is also intercut with footage, presumably from Fifty Shades Freed, of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) in her wedding dress. There’s also a motif of oversized white roses and both Rita and Liam end up…spinning through the air. Okay!

Lyrically, the song touches on themes of falling in love and staying in love forever, much like the song from the last Twilight movie; fans of the franchise are likely aware that Fifty Shades started as Twilight fan fiction, so this tracks. One thing the video makes no allusion to is the fact that Rita Ora actually plays a character in the Fifty Shades series: Mia Grey, Christian’s (Jamie Dornan) sister. In the new film, she gets kidnapped!

But here’s the thing: “For You” will get stuck in your head, whether you like it or not. Sure the video starts with a not at all subtle geyser of water shooting into the sky but did you come here for subtlety? No you did not. You came here for a danceable beat and beautiful people being moody in couture. And on all counts, this video delivers. Check it out here:

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