Though Sunday night's Golden Globes certainly were not lacking in political statements on stage, an epic battle for power took place off-camera. Mariah Carey, everyone's favorite diva, unknowingly snatched up the seat of one of the few other queens who could illicit something like the feeling of being star struck in Carey: Meryl Streep.

The singer took to her Twitter to clue us all in on a potentially embarrassing behind-the-scenes moment from the Globes. She teased, "Got caught mingling on the way to the loo during a commercial break.. took the first seat available, happens to be right next to Steven Spielberg ?? Cut to next commercial break, guess who comes back to her seat..."

Apparently, even Streep is not impervious to Carey's charm, so it was no big deal when The Post actress returned to her occupied seat. Carey said she apologized to Streep, who simply said, "You can take my seat any time!" Mariah ended the epic tale with two laughing emojis and four hearts, so it seems that the awkward encounter only served to make the two legends into unlikely friends.

Carey also tweeted about other stand-out moments of the night, including Oprah's epic speech, and she gracefully congratulated The Greatest Showman for winner of the award for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture over her song "The Star" from the animated holiday movie The Star. Looks like 2018 Mariah is more humble than diva after all.

Streep wasn't the only notable star encounter Carey, who was nominated in the song category, had during the night. You might have seen the photo of her posed on the red carpet with America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Billie Jean Queen. You might have missed the red carpet video that showed how the photo-op came to be. The other four were posing together when an excited Ferrera spots Carey near by and motions her over much to the apparent delight of both Portman and Stone.

They do know her.

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