There is a lot of chaos and confusion swirling around in the ether this month, as you'll see in your October horoscope. The good news is that the full moon in Aries on October 13 will bring it all to the surface and mark the start of something new. Depending on where you land in the zodiac, that may mean a new job, relationship, or personal ritual. Take time to set intentions and be more mindful than usual this October. Toward the end of the month, on the 28th, the new Scorpio moon will breathe much needed passion into all of us. It will have more to do with ambition than romance, although you may find that is exactly what you need as the days get shorter.

With you in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


October will bring several new people and relationships into your life. They may not be romantic necessarily, but they will be charged with intensity and passion. You’re a fire sign who is great at beginnings. Where you sometimes falter is following projects and ideas through. Try to remember this as you surround yourself with the new and get closer to the life you imagine for yourself. The middle may not be as exciting as the beginning but it is equally, if not more, important. Around the middle of the month you will be moved to get back in touch with an old friend. Tell them your secret.


You will be such a romantic this month. These instincts will be most pronounced in the beginning of October, as you've decided to commit yourself fully to a relationship in ways you'd been resisting. You’ve had many relationships going on in various stages of development over the past few months. But with the increasing chill in the air, you're feeling ready to get cozy and settle down. You will find yourself becoming extra tender and loving. This may mean cooking for your lover and even serving them meals in bed. It's exciting for you to feel this way, so enjoy it. By the end of the month, you will be more focused on your career than love, so take the time now to be the big-hearted and caring lover you were meant to be.


What you’ve been looking for isn’t a person but a feeling only you can manifest. It's time to ask yourself if you want to continue on the career path you’re on. The answer may not be immediate or clear but continuing to ask the question will itself bring you clarity. There is much confusion swirling around you this month in both your romantic and platonic relationships. Don’t make any rash decisions and make sure you’re communicating as clearly as possible—which, for you, may involve saying things multiple times, and in different ways.


The start of the month will bring some travel for you. You will venture out of your safe domestic space in search of a mental break or a professional opportunity (or maybe both). Although you do love to be indoors, surrounded by your beautiful collections, these trips will give you some much-needed perspective on life. Now is the time to ask yourself: Am I living my days the way I want to? If you find that the answer is no, then you must make space to create change so that you can truly be happy. In terms of love, you are as committed as ever and will seek out new opportunities to show your no. 1 lover that you care. That might mean a small gift of jewelry, with a tender inscription. Whatever you do, do it with your heart and the results will be magnificent. Your heart truly is your greatest resource.


You’re preparing for what you think will be a big shift in your emotional life. There are many voices around you and it may not help to listen to any of them. This month, try to stay grounded within your core—which is golden and incredibly fast. Try to slow down. Try to allow yourself at least one hour in the day where you do nothing but think about the future, which will arrive despite all of your fears. Spend as much time alone as possible. Don’t worry about who you've forgotten to message. Everything and everyone will still be there when you return.


You will feel rather positive this month, as you have some clarity on your love life. You know how you feel, and you will act accordingly. This may mean that you have to break some hearts along the way, but if that means that communication has been honest and clear, then all the better. You will be even more sure of what you want professionally. And you will find yourself making firm decisions about who you want in your career moving forward. You are such a kind person, but now is the time to see that you can be both kind and true to your career goals at once. Put yourself first sometimes this month and the rewards will be great. You’ve earned every incredible thing coming your way.


October truly is your month, though that doesn’t mean it will be easy. In fact, you’ll get caught up playing mind games with several people you love and wouldn't expect. Be prepared, and try to shut it down as early as possible. Remember that showing need is not weakness or lack of will, but true honesty. Somewhere near the middle of the month, you will be compelled to take a romantic risk that may not promise anything but momentary pleasure. Do it. Do not despair about the past. It has nothing to do with you now.


This month, you'll be in touch with your independence. You're lucky because you're always surrounded by people who truly love you (you wouldn't have it any other way). This allows you to go out on your own when necessary, because you know whoever is waiting for you will be there when you get back. Still, as you spend some time by yourself this month, remember not to take your oldest friendships for granted. Even—and especially—your most intimate relationships need work and care to be maintained. Remember this truth as you answer the call of the open road.


You’re coming into October after being greatly tested by the speed of last month. You do not feel balanced, but you are moving forward. Sometimes moving forward looks like this—without any obvious optimism, and without much fanfare. However, you are the archer, after all. You are prepared for this. All the weapons you need are within your imagination, which does not see you stuck in this chaotic place you now find yourself in for long. The bad news is no one will save you. The good news is you definitely can save yourself without anyone’s help.


You love to ebb and flow with the fall cycles, and to be in tune with the natural world. This month may bring you opportunities to bring these cycles into your workplace. You will be looking to engage your work life with larger forces. Moreover, feelings of interconnectedness of all living things will start to influence your creativity in important ways. In terms of love, you will feel an opening for a new level of trust to enter. You might be shocked when it happens, but we promise you'll be happy about it later. It can be hard for you to be vulnerable, but the payoff will be huge.


You may begin to think you’ve reached a limit at work, but don't do anything irrational—you're just tired. You need to remind yourself that what you do is important, and that people care. You need to set aside a few nights this month where you reconnect to your goals by not going out and distracting yourself with people and drinks. You're strong enough to do this, although you will be tempted to deviate and indulge. The time for indulgence will come. Make this a time for focus and deliberate intentions. The color green will help you do this.


Lately, you’ve been feeling like you need to shield yourself from the outside world. At work, you will want to show only the parts of yourself that are safest. This is always the case, and especially for you, but this month, you will want your most secret self to stay hidden and safe. All of this will be good for your productivity, but it will cause you some stress. Let’s face it: You aren't always so sure what your longterm career goals actually are. What's most important this October is for you to keep working, as your destiny will always find you.

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