The deep autumnal energy of October will keep our focus on work and obligations. This is a month that will test our perseverance and reward those who are blunt and honest. Many doors will open, although how to walk through them may bring hesitation. The new moon in Libra is on October 9 and the full moon in Taurus is on October 24. (And lest you forget, Halloween is, of course, on October 31.) Find a way to reward yourself for your strength. You’ll find it even in moments of doubt.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,

The Astro Poets


Perhaps you’ve needed some distance from the people you usually turn to in times of turmoil. You haven’t been sure how to share a big change you’ve made (or one you’re thinking of making) with them. This month, continue doing the invisible work alone. There will be brilliant days when you’ll be assured that you’re on the right path. There will also be one day, close to the end of October, when someone you trust will test your resolve. Don’t be afraid to be blunt, to tell the truth, and to show who you really are. It may feel strange to keep your head down and work through the madness, but you’re beginning to see and create the life you’ve always wanted. It will not be easy. But it will be real. If you find yourself in a park with a book, make sure stay to there for as long as you can.

Your Halloween costume should: be minimal and shocking.

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One thing that will be on your mind this month is true love. Although you’re steadfast in all of your relationships, and slow to be unfaithful in your romantic ones, you may have found yourself smitten with someone who wasn’t your significant other in the past. It may have been guilt or some other related reason that kept you from pursuing something real with this person, and up until now, you may have felt that you’ve forgotten them. But what you thought then was just fleeting feelings will now come back as love. This may be sparked by actually seeing them, or seeing one of their friends who reminds you of them. Whatever the case, you will long for the optimism they promised and wonder if maybe, it might actually work out. The stars all support you taking a bit of a leap.; after all, you aren’t known for your risky behavior and no one could ever accuse you of being reckless. But then again, who would accuse you of being weak either? So take the plunge, and take a chance on the kind of love you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Halloween costume should: incorporate a tree.


You will invest a lot of energy in one person this month. Whether a romantic partner or a close friend, they will demand your attention and test your patience. It's not the time to be vague or indecisive, so be deliberate in all your social interactions. Your creativity and productivity will depend on how you manage basic tasks, which aren’t exactly your favorites, so get organized and make lists if you have to. Maybe you’ve noticed that a work project is not meeting your expectations, even after serious work and various drama. Don’t be afraid to pull a totally Gemini move and change everything around at the last minute—to follow a wild out fully and to its end. You haven’t felt like yourself for a long time now, but this month, you’ll regain something big and important: your fearlessness. You’ll remember what it’s like to surprise yourself—and you will.

Your Halloween costume should: include a glass prop.


You have two thoughts on your mind: family and career. Nothing feels more delicious to you than the idea of a period of hibernation, but you know you must put in the hours first. You’ve been thinking for several months about your career and what you want from it. Although you're likely very successful—more successful than you want to admit—there's always more to acquire. (At least according to you.) This month, you’ll be thinking of how not to miss important opportunities and how to work your contacts to the max. As for family, you're always somehow building a family. You’ll will start setting the foundation for some big commitments that you only dreamed of this time last year. Be strong as some stellar forces may conspire to rattle you a bit toward the middle of October. After all, those forces should be more worried about themselves than you are of them. There’s little that can bring you down.

Your Halloween costume should: include the color purple.


You’re falling in love again—with the people around you, and with the world you always demand so much of. There will be plenty of time to be spontaneous this month, and you’re encouraged to take it. No one sees all the hard work that goes into your flawless presentation—both of yourself and of your work—and you like to keep it that way. Know that you can change things around, or give yourself more of a break, and things will still run as smoothly and effortlessly as you desire. Your perfectionism is what drives you, but it’s also what bruises your ego. Often, it's also your own doing. Empathy from others is welcomed, but often does not appease your criticality. Be kinder to yourself this October. You’re a force of good, and you’re invested in so many people. Allow yourself to see that.

Your Halloween costume should: incorporate an exotic flower.


Work has left you a bit frazzled these past few weeks. You’ve been taxed by seemingly ungrateful co-workers and bosses. The good news is that although things will continue to be busy for you professionally, it will lead to productivity. There will be more opportunities for you to show off your specific strengths, and also to work on new ones that will serve you in years to come. Fall is a special time for you, as your birthday has just passed and you feel a sense of exuberance. Remember to not fall into old patterns in your love life, and to seek out the new whenever possible. As the harvest moon rises out of the old patterns of the ground, you, too, should rise up as the autumnal deity that you are. Come on, let them all worship you!

Your Halloween costume should: involve a childhood memory.


No one can accuse you of not being precise or stylish. Your reputation will come in handy this month and bring you a professional opportunity that only you can handle. Keep quiet as you receive it and as you do the work that comes along with it. Don’t let your ego soar, although you’ll be tempted. And what about love? Yes, love. You're always thinking about it, perhaps more like a novel than an actual thing that happens in real life and time. There are lavish rooms you’ll be taken to, and there are many gifts in your future. But you have to decide if you’ll continue getting off at the same stop, or if you'll keep going without any idea where you’ll want to end up. You've handled risk professionally in the past year, and now, it will serve you to try it in love.

Your Halloween costume should: include an homage or small reference to an important woman in your life.


This month will bring you professional stability. Like last month, you'll see your hard work pay off as you ride another wave of success. Your home life is stabilizing as well, and your determination to make everyone get along has created a sort of intense harmony. You're settling into your birthday time and feeling the cold spark of the dark nights and their bitter moons. Although you may be in a serious relationship, you will have your eye on someone else and will be giving them quite a bit of attention. A thoughtful gift is undoubtedly on its way to them, as you have been thinking constantly about a hardship they have endured and have a strong desire to make them feel better. Your giving nature will renew you, as you start to feel the stirrings of real love—really, most of all, for yourself. So continue to pamper yourself a bit. Maybe it’s time for a solo vacation—which is also to say that however single you travel to your destination, you won’t stay solo there for long.

Your Halloween costume should: be inspired by your favorite horror movie.


October will pull you into a kind of hermetic bliss. This is naturally where you thrive, although it's usually accompanied by travel and there won’t be much of that—at least for now. You're always inventing trips to go on, so don’t panic. Globetrotting is in your future. But it will feel good to stay in one place and work on your professional projects, which are somehow always personal too, because you put so much of yourself in them. This month, you'll reveal an important side of yourself to a close friend by accident. This will startle you, and perhaps you’ll try backtracking. Trust that you’ll be seen and understood for who you are. This will be a difficult and important lesson. If you see a blue door, walk through it. If someone calls your name by mistake, answer anyway.

Your Halloween costume should: incorporate the spirit of a creature that can fly.


This chilly month will feel quiet for you. That's not to say that you won’t be busy, hustling to create new opportunities for yourself at your current workplace and your future one, too. You may feel like you're in the midst of a noisy arena, and will spend the weeks leading up to Halloween seeking out places of rest and harmony. But all of this will be surrounded by an air of calm, as the world you've created for yourself at home is secure. When things get tough, as they may toward the end of October, run quickly to your safe havens with your trusted companions, both animal and human. And if you're unsure what step to take next in terms of a hard decision you've been mulling over, let your imagination show you what will give you the answer clearly. Your consciousness already knows the path you must take, and now, it’s about listening to it to find the way.

Your Halloween costume should: be inspired by some kind of swimming creature.


This month, you'll think a lot about what you were doing this time last year. Specifically, there’s someone who's now no longer a part of your life, and you’re constantly chasing them through the past. This is the month to let them go—to let them run through the past alone, without your company. Let your friends distract you and take you somewhere you’ve resisted going for a long time. Let work consume you, and remember that no one comes to matching your ideas—you are the sign of genius after all. And like Mrs. Dalloway, buy the flowers yourself. Buy them often this month and celebrate your unique strength. Even though you’ll be prone to nostalgia—hidden from everyone, of course!—you’ll be walking toward the new, slightly afraid but with absolute resolve.

Your Halloween costume should: incorporate something you’ve always fantasized about in a future home.


You’ve been feeling as if you’re moving in slow motion. Although things are progressing in terms of work and your love life, they definitely aren’t moving as fast as you’d like them to. Part of the reason for that is that you might have unrealistic expectations of how quickly you can secure exactly what you want in both arenas. It’s frustrating to hear, but you are exactly where you need to be right now. Take a moment to consider why you want things to happen so fast. Perhaps it’s a way to distract yourself from something else you’ve been ignoring—something that’s hurtful to think about. Whatever the case, put your energy into being productive. This month is a good one to do something crafty. Make some gifts for the people who are important to you—it will relieve your stress and make your loved ones feel appreciated. Everything is looking up.

Your Halloween costume should: look like a sunset.

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