Rosalía’s Most Instagram-Worthy Manicures, and the Nail Artists Behind Them

From bejeweled hearts to gilded talons, a look at Rosalía's best and boldest nails.

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In music, over-the-top nails have a long history—from Ivy Queen to Rihanna to Cardi B, our favorite chanteuses have shown off some of the most creative manicures in the industry. Still, between her vampy coffin nails at the VMAs and her technicolor transparent tips at Burberry during London Fashion Week, Rosalía has proved a beauty icon to watch—and that’s just since August. Inspiring countless fan pages, not to mention a couple of W’s best beauty round-ups, Rosalía’s nail art has solidified her place a true original. Take a look back at the Spanish singers best and boldest manicures, here.


One of the singer’s most frequent collaborators, Dvine Nails, is behind some of her most recognizable looks. With manis ranging from rainbow-brite to gilded, it’s hard to pick a favorite. However, her heart-shaped, bejeweled manicure in “Fucking Money Man” is in a league of it’s own.


Perhaps one of Rosalía’s more demure looks on this list, peep the glittering peach manicure in her striking video for “De Aquí No Sales.”

Any round-up of Rosalía’s nails would be remiss without mentioning the twisting talons in her “Aute Cuture” video, not to mention the NYC-based nail artist responsible, Juan Alvear. With a background in sculpture and painting, Alvear’s surrealist salon is a Dali-esque fantasy pulling inspiration from the natural world, all in a sparkling, chain and gem-wrapped package.


Never one to shy away from a trend, Rosalía rocked a logomania look for Lollapalooza with a robin’s egg blue Louis Vuitton manicure. Created by Chicago-based nail artist Ash Crowe, also known as @astrowifey, the delicate embellishment and translucent, off-set tips proved to be one of Rosalía’s most memorable manis of the summer.


With accolades such as “Instagram’s Most Viral Nail Artist”, it’s no surprise Rosalía worked with Mei Kawajiri on one of her most recent manicures she debuted in New York City. Blood red and encrusted in crystals, it touted her single with Ozuna “Yo x Ti Tu x Mi” in style.


Covered in “Black Diamonds for this beautiful REINA!”, Yvett Garcia’s glamorous gothic manicure was on full display as Rosalía took home two VMAs last month.


Pretty and pink, the singer’s Sailor Moon-inspired birthday manicure by this Barcelona-based salon was saccharine sweet in all the right ways.