In retrospect, maybe we shouldn’t have been that surprised by the choice of Shawn Mendes as the latest face (and body) of Calvin Klein Underwear. Stripping down to the brand’s iconic skivvies is basically a teen-idol rite of passage, with Mendes following in the footsteps of everyone from Mark Wahlberg to Justin Bieber. Besides, despite his relatively wholesome image and unfailing Canadian-bred politeness, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter has never been particularly shy about flaunting his body. He basically took a shower both onstage at the MTV VMAs and in a recent music video, and more recently he performed sleeveless at the Grammys. He does make it a point to find time to work out every single day, after all.

Still, the unveiling of the first few images from his upcoming campaign (and, yes, there will be more to come) sent shockwaves through the Internet, like they’ve never seen anyone in boxer briefs before. How quickly we seem to forget Joe Jonas’s Guess underwear campaign.

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@CalvinKlein #MyCalvins. Campaign coming this week.

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Twitter went absolutely wild at the announcement, with reactions ranging from declarations of immaculate pregnancy to recommitments to those New Year’s gym-related resolutions to, uh, critiques of the set design. Here, some of the (more safe-for-work) reactions.

Instagram, of course, is erupting over the news as well. In less than 24 hours, Mendes’s post has racked up 7 million likes, becoming his most-liked upload on the site ever (and though it probably won’t reach the highs of “World Record Egg,” it’s not unthinkable that it might crack the top 20 most-liked posts of all time when all is said and done).

But there’s more than just basic, uncensored thirst to talk about here. Mendes’s campaign is the first major branding exercise for Calvin Klein since it parted ways with the former chief creative officer Raf Simons. While Simons put the Kardashian-Jenner sisters in CK intimates for various campaigns, the Belgian designer wasn’t trolling the pages of Tiger Beat to find inspiration for the men’s underwear campaigns. Instead, his most notable men’s underwear campaign during his tenure featured the cast of the Academy Award–winning film Moonlight, which lead to the image of Trevante Rhodes in black hip briefs being burned into the minds of many (Mendes, for his part, seems to have drawn the line at trunks). If anything, Mendes’s campaign represents a bit of a reset for the CK undies brand.

Of course, more material from the Mendes campaign is set to roll out this week, at which time we assume Twitter will erupt in even more surprise pregnancies.

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