Musician Annie Clark, who is best known by her stage name St. Vincent, can do it all. This year alone, the quirky rock star made her directorial debut, released a song that was the "Despacito" of the indie set that came with a music video by artist Alex Da Corte, and created a soothing rendition of The Beatles "All You Need Is Love" for Tiffany & Co.'s new Eau de Parfum campaign. The singer also starred alongside Zoë Kravitz and Janelle Monáe in her own Tiffany & Co.'s campaign, and naturally, she looked stunning the entire time. Here, Clark reveals how she maintains her beauty regimen on the go.

Your look in three words:

Sexy Peewee's playhouse.

Medicine cabinet snapshot:

50 SPF Everyday -- from Neutrogena to Chanel, I'm not that picky. I always wash my face and moisturize no matter how tired I am every night. Vitamin C Night Cream, Aēsop Parsley Seed Face Wash, Dr. Bronners's Lavender Soap.

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Makeup miracles:

NARS Tinted Moisturizer ($45,, orange, pink and red lipstick.

Never leave the house without:

Celine sunglasses (prescription), St. Christopher Necklace, Chanel red lip.

Beauty from the inside out:

I eat whatever feels "safe."

Exercise obsession:

New York Pilates.

Drink of choice:


Product that you picked up from the pros:

ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($85,

A woman should smell like:


Best advice from mom:

Treat everyone with kindness and respect and always moisturize.

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