This Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Is Just an Advertisement for a Mall

What does it mean?

‘Stranger Things’ Heads to the Mall for Season 3 Teaser lead
Courtesy Netflix

Stranger Things season 3 appears to be going normcore.

A cryptic new teaser for the Netflix series, which was first shared on the show’s official Twitter account, can best be described as a very enthusiastic, if not tongue-in-cheek mall advertisement.

The clip begins by characterizing Hawkins as “a growing patriotic community and a shining example of the American dream” (it doesn’t mention the fact that it’s home to laboratories who experiment on kids, or the whole Upside Down thing—go figure). The ad then goes on to introduce the Starcourt Mall, which itself is a shining example of 1980s mall culture.

Stores in the massive shopping center include some oldies but goodies, including Gap, Claire’s, Waldenbooks, and Sam Goody—completely with vintage logos. There’s also a “state of the art food court,” where fan-favorite Steve Harrington (the ad’s only familiar face) appears to have a new gig slinging ice cream at a sweet treat spot called Scoops Ahoy. And the ad even features a couple of teens making out by the mall fountain. Ah, nostalgia.

While there doesn’t seem to be any apparent spoilers about the more supernatural goings-on in Hawkins in the spot, Variety points out that there are a few things worth noting in the clip. The outlet speculates that the reference to mall developer Starcourt Industries may be a reference to another “corporate menace” coming to town (à la Hawkins National Laboratory), and that the promise that the mall is “coming next summer” may be a hint about when fans can expect season 3 to hit screens. Based on the book The Hunt for Red October in the window of Waldenbooks and a Bruce Springsteen album on display at Sam Goody, Variety suspects that the timeline for season 3 will likely be around 1984.

The real question remains, though: Will we be getting a Stranger Things mallpisode, or what?

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