Tiffany Trump Continues to Live Life Like She’s Not a Trump At All

She's celebrating pride and eating tacos in peace.

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While her family down in D.C. is coming off one of their most controversial weeks yet, Tiffany Trump continues to live life completely unbothered, almost as if she’s not a even a Trump at all. Even as her father administration’s once again made no official acknowledgment of LGBT Pride Month, there was Tiffany bedazzled in sparkling sequined jackets and rainbow Philipp Plein celebrating the weekend in New York alongside longtime BBF Andrew Warren. And while Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t keep a table at the Red Hen and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was shouted out of a Mexican restaurant, Tiffany Trump and her mother Marla Maples, the President’s second wife, were spotted eating vegan tacos in relative peace and with no incident at a Mexican restaurant in Midtown. The weekend follows another earlier this month in which Tiffany was spotted at a Jaden Smith-hosted party and took a selfie with Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of former Vice President Joe Biden, a rare bipartisan moment for any Trump.

And more than any other Trump, Tiffany has continued to live life like she’s just any other daughter from the second marriage of any other billionaire real estate developer in town. Save for some reports of a frosty reception at a fashion show in the early days of her father’s term in office, she’s mostly managed to avoid any public social emabrassement since then.

Here she is posing outside Soho House this past weekend, Pride-ready.

And here she is in sequins on Sunday.

Might we add that her mother Marla Maples also made her own acknowledgement of Pride on social media.

Sometime between celebrating Pride, Tiffany met up with Marla at Dumbo Taco in Midtown, according to The New York Daily News. “The women, who had Secret Service agents as chaperones, ordered ‘The Impossible Taco’ which is a vegan dish, the source said,” reported the paper. “Trump added on a ‘By the Way’ cake dessert.” “Patrons seemed okay with Trump and Maples’ visit,” added the report.

For as long as Trump has been President, there has been a curious thirst amongst some corners of the culture for any signs of rebellion, or at least political and culture sanity, within the female members of the Trump clan. Once, many hoped that Ivanka Trump would serve as a moderating influence on her father’s administration, but that was a bet that hasn’t really played out too well. At times, it’s hard to pinpoint if Ivanka has any actual influence at all anymore. Then there’s, of course, First Lady Melania. Some imagined her as a woman fed up with her husband and secretly leading the resistance from the inside, signaling to the rest of us by way of subtle wardrobe choices (pussy bows! strategic choices of suffragette white! non-American designers!). Then, last week Melania made a decidedly unsubtle style statement with the still perplexing “I really don’t care, do u?” parka she wore on her way to see the immigrant children at the border. Her husband claims it was a message meant to rebuke the media, but whatever its meaning it’s stripped Melania of her noncommittal front and revealed her to be, well, a woman who is married to Donald Trump and has stood by him through his campaign and administration.

So, we’re left with the Tiffany, the youngest daughter who was often absent from the campaign trail to start with and who was raised mostly by her mother in Los Angeles, an entire country away from her father. A law school student, she has no official role within the White House and has never publicly identified herself as aligning with any of her father’s more controversial positions (indeed, some eagle-eyed observers purported that she once liked an Instagram post of an image from a gun control march). She certainly continues to live a social life like someone who has no intention of getting wrapped up in conservative politics (remember the Vegas wedding in which she served as flower girl?).

Still, it’s a bit of a stretch to identify Tiffany as the rogue Trump some seem to need, when really she’s basically the only Trump who continues to live her life in much the same manner she did before, with only the minor inconvenience of a Secret Service detail.