After weeks of speculation (and a few days of drama), the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai has finally confirmed its musical guests: Harry Styles, Leslie Odom, Jr, Miguel and Jane Zhang. Turns out at least one-third of those rumors that Harry Styles, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would all perform proved to be correct. Let's break it down!

Harry Styles: you know who Harry Styles is! The former One Direction member, star of Dunkirk and ex-paramour of many a Victoria's Secret catwalker (Kendall, Taylor...) was rumored to be in the running for the headlining spot after the positive reception to his first solo album. Fans have already demanded that he wear wings.

Leslie Odom, Jr: he won a Tony for his role as Aaron Burr in the smash-hit musical Hamilton and has since then released two albums (a Jazz record and a collection of Christmas songs). You might also recognize him from Nationwide commercials. He's great.

Miguel: a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who incorporates a range of styles into his music. His soulful, bedroom-playlist worthy are also particularly apt for a lingerie fashion show. Surely you've heard "Adorn" by now.

Jane Zhang: After winning third place on a Chinese TV singing competition, Zhang has gone on to national pop stardom and gained notoriety for singing in something called the "whistle register." No idea what that is but maybe we'll find out at the show?

"We are incredibly thrilled to have [these performers] with us," Ed Razek, executive producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show told People.

For those keeping tabs, this means that the four performers mentioned have all been cleared by the Chinese government (although Zhang, being a resident of China, presumably had no problem getting around the country). A handful of models, plus would-be performer Katy Perry, were recently denied entry because of social media posts that could be construed in ways the Chinese government doesn't like. And for unknown reasons, model Gigi Hadid (girlfriend of Zayn Malik, another former One Direction member) won't be there, either.

But who cares! Harry Styles is performing!

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