From a Fake Naomi Campbell to Lube on the Runway, Things Got Weird at London Fashion Week Men’s Spring 2018

Suddenly the Teletubbies who walked last season don’t seem so strange after all.

Rottingdean Bazaar - Mens Fall 2018 Runway - London Menswear Fashion Week
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Talented though they may be, it’s quite a stretch to imagine that the up-and-coming label Rottingdean Bazaar could have landed Naomi Campbell to walk their fall 2018 show this London Fashion Week: Men’s. Still, in a strong showing of the budding designers’s perseverance, the supermodel showed up nonetheless—or at least, a cardboard cut-out version of her did, becoming this season’s version of the Teletubbies that made an appearance on the city’s notoriously out-there runways during the spring shows last year, courtesy of the designer Bobby Abley.

But just like last season—and seasons and seasons before, too—the cardboard Campbell was far from the only oddity to be found during London’s most recent fashion week, which ended last night. Meet the rest of the motley crew, here.


For their fall 2018 showing, the duo behind the label Cottweiler set up shop deep in London’s Natural History Museum, where designs printed with images taken on their recent forays into the caves of Slovenian were paired not only with Mulberry bags, but also with lube, which was smeared up to the sleeves of some models’s arms and/or into their ears.

Naomi Campbell’s Colon

The original idea of engineering Naomi Campbell’s appearance on Rottingdean Bazaar’s fall 2018 runway was to send her cut-out zooming on a remote-controlled car, but since there ended up being a set of stairs in the way, “I became her vehicle,” the model Harrie Bradshaw told Paper this week, recapping his strut down the runway in what looked like a shredded pillowcase with Naomi cozied into his arms as “just a couple of simple English girls enjoying a well lit stomp.” The pairing, it turns out, wasn’t just an honor for Bradshaw because of her supermodel status, but also because of “her stance on colon health,” which he added was all he thought about during their joint runway stroll.

Personalized Cheese Boards

This other gem from Rottingdean Bazaar speaks for itself.

A Literal Sausage Party

In case you couldn’t tell from his face of vampiric makeup and colored contacts when he accepted the 2017 Emerging Menswear Designer of the Year award, just because the eponymous designer behind Charles Jeffrey Loverboy now has mainstream approval from the British Fashion Awards doesn’t mean he’s about to get any less weird. Case in point: The literal sausage party taking place atop some models’s heads at his show for fall 2018.

Some Really Serious Headgear

After a crew of paint-drenched performers kicked off the show with a primal scream—Jeffrey intended the collection as an examination of anger, in a nod to the bullying he was subjected to growing up for being gay—even more headgear made its way down the runway at Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, including both extreme bowl cuts and this enormous crumbling that two backup models had to support.

Vivienne Westwood’s Plea for Life

Instead of staging a runway show, Vivienne Westwood simply uploaded a a PSA-like, documentary-style video to YouTube morbidly advertising her fall 2018 collection with the slogan “Don’t Get Killed.” Westwood is apparently here to help you with that, though her “strategy to save the whole world” by designing a set of playing cards will definitely need a bit of rethinking first.

Nude Embroidery

In their second showing with MAN, the menswear showcase that helped launch brands like J. W. Anderson and Craig Green, the “non-binary paradise” that is the label Art School lived up to their flashy showing last season with a collection that may have looked a bit more, well, normal, on the surface, but upon closer inspection featured phalluses amidst the collection’s floral embroideries.

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