Dark Lipstick

Zendaya Is a Triple Threat” photographed by Catherine Servel, styled by Patrick Mackie; W Magazine March 2014.

Zendaya is the rare example of a star who is just as daring with her hair and makeup as her wardrobe, so it's only fitting that the 21 year-old is the newest face of CoverGirl. And that's on top of a busy career, which already includes singing, acting in films like Spider-Man: Homecoming, and designing her own collection. Somehow, Zendaya finds time to do her own facials, make her own tinted moisturizer, and share her beauty tips with W's readers. Here, Zendaya opens up about her skincare essentials, why a red lip and luminous skin should be everyone's go-to look, and more.

Your look in three words:

Fearless, free, rule-breaker.

Medicine cabinet snapshot:

Mostly natural products, witch hazel, rose water and vitamin E oil.

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Good skin starts with:

Mixing your favorite moisturizer with a couple pumps of your fav foundation, and bam…tinted moisturizer.

Best advice from your dermatologist:

Sunscreen is a MUST.

Best advice from your facialist:

Well, since I pretty much do my own facials, I say ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed!

SPF of choice:

Mario Badescu SPF 30 ($28, ulta.com).

Makeup miracles:

I've rediscovered my love for a red lip. Simple, glowy skin and a red lip is everything on everyone. So for me CoverGirl Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick has the perfect vibrant red, they are super pigmented - I love it.

Never leave the house without:

Lip gloss.

A good hair day starts with:

Curl cream and a diffuser.

Nails must be:

Done, if I look a mess, my nails will always be done. Personal obsession.

Product that you picked up from the pros:

Pat McGrath highlighter stick and balm duo.

A woman should smell like:

This women prefers to smell like Gardenia.

Appointment you’d love to nab:

My favorite appointments are with my girl Kelley Baker Brows, she's the only one I trust with my babies.


Spa-cation at:

Anywhere with warm ocean water.

TSA-friendly essentials:

CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balm ($8, ulta.com), you can use it on lips and cheeks for a natural tint.

Best advice from mom:

Protect your energy and your space, you can create the positivity you want to surround yourself with by your actions.

Best-kept beauty secret:

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara, makes my lashes huge but not clumpy…magical.

Beauty myth you’d like to debunk:

Just “drinking more water” does not replace a skincare routine. It's good for you no doubt, but it will not make all your blemishes disappear overnight, especially for those with problem skin.

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