Cardi B's Birthday Party Had Celebs Channeling Dancehall Fashion

If there’s one thing famous people love, it’s throwing extravagant, over-the-top birthday parties for themselves. And while few of us can ever dream of scoring an invitation to, for instance, one of Drake’s two simultaneous birthday parties, we can vibe vicariously through everyone’s looks. Attendees at Cardi B’s Jamaican dancehall-themed 29th birthday understood the assignment: show up in a wild outfit that befits such an illustrious hostess and appropriate for the theme (Cardi herself uploaded an impromptu moodboard on Instagram a few days beforehand) , but comfortable enough to rage until the sun comes up. Fellow ravers, take note.

Photo: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

Leaving the party, Lizzo evidently enjoyed herself a little too hard, having ditched her shoes after, presumably, getting down the music’s riddims for several hours. Her maxi-length sheer purple gown glitters in the camera flashes, but prudes needn’t clutch their pearls: she covered up with pasties and wore underwear, with her hair in a high side ponytail with now-vintage butterfly clips.

Cardi’s “WAP” co-genius, Megan Thee Stallion, put together an ensemble that is less horse girl and more fiery Rapidash. She wore a maroon red split ponytail on the crown of her head, with maximal gold chains and red distressed-knit separates. Scroll through her Instagram gallery to see just how short her shorts were — and her literally killer manicure.

Photo: @teyanataylor.

Teyana Taylor is never not wearing the most audacious outfits, but this is one for the scrap books. A full head of ringlet curls cascades over her red jacket and knit biker-length catsuit; the yarn spun in the colors of the Jamaican flag. Somehow, we get the feeling that dancing in those heels is no trouble for the multi-talented performer.

Photo: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image.

Karrueche Tran’s neon knit shrug made a splash on the dance floor, and clashed gorgeously with her Dior bustier and tap shorts. But those gold knee-high stiletto boots truly make the look — they won’t get you into Berghain, but they will dazzle all night at Cardi’s birthday.

Photo: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

Snoop Dogg stepped out in printed athleisure, with blue and yellow tie-dye matching his custom Converse Chuck Taylors — proving that club gear doesn’t have to be stuck in a monochrome black color palette.

As for the birthday girl herself, Cardi B wore dramatic fishnet tights and a gold chain bustier fit for a queen. With her hair in a beehive, she didn’t have to worry about the raver’s dreaded sweaty neck, though her sister, Hennessy Carolina, likely found a good use for her tomato red extensions: throwing her hair around to the beat like a fifth limb. It’s a good trick if you’re insecure about your dance moves, because everyone always looks like a total badass when headbanging on the dance floor.