Kylie Jenner Just Pulled the Most Classic Little Sister Move on Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner in Balenciaga, mirroring her sister Kim's Balenciaga looks
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Kardashians are one of the most—if not the most—famous families in the world, but they still face normal familial problems just like everyone else. We’ve seen the sisters fight many times over the years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, comfort each other over failed relationships, and they even steal each other’s style. Kim Kardashian has stayed impressively loyal to Demna and the Balenciaga brand over the past year, wearing the fashion house’s signature pantaboots and the aesthetic she has dubbed “future alien Barbie.” And now, there’s another life form joining in Kardashian’s galactic journey, her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. Over the weekend, Jenner embraced her inner Kim and wore a full Balenicaga bodysuit to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The question is, did Jenner pull the classic little sister move and steal the piece right out of Kardashian’s closet?

The beauty mogul showed off her look in a series of TikToks, taking note of the resemblance to her sister with caption, “It’s giving Kim K.” Jenner specifically wore the Balenciaga falkon bodysuit, a high-neck long-sleeve piece with attached gloves and boots, a classic design Demna has played with in many different ways during his time at the Italian fashion house. Jenner then paired the look with some rib earrings from the brand and a black Kelly mini purse.

As of now, Kardashian hasn’t commented on her little sister stealing her look. While it’s possible Jenner nabbed the piece from what we have to imagine is Kardashian’s closet specifically dedicated to her Balenciaga wardrobe, it seems more likely that Jenner acquired her own bodysuit, considering her own wealth and connections in the fashion industry. Even if it is Jenner’s personal bodysuit, the youngest KarJenner most definitely stole Kardashian’s aesthetic. We’ve seen Kardashian in this outfit, and we’ve seen her wear these earrings. When Jenner said “it’s giving Kim K,” she really wasn’t lying. If someone wanted to dress up as Kardashian for Halloween, this is likely her most recognizable look at the moment, and therefor, the perfect costume. This all makes Jenner’s outfit less of a flex and more of a Kim K cosplay.

Does this mean Jenner is joining the Balenciaga takeover of the Kardashian family? Will she be the next sister to star in a campaign for the brand? Jenner loves to incorporate many different brands in her looks, from up-and-coming designers to more established names, so it seems unlikely she would drop everything for Demna like Kardashian. But hey, you never know. The only thing that makes more money than one Kardashian sister is two Kardashian sisters, and for the right price, we think Jenner would be happy to become a fellow future alien Barbie.

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