10 Paris Fashion Week-Inspired Looks to Buy Now

Photographs by Alasdair McLellan, Styled by Edward Enninful

Paris Fashion Week never fails to inspire. The shows—whether set in the Tuileries Garden or along the Seine—and the incomparably chic street style keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire 10-day stretch. And every year, emerging designers bravely put themselves out there amidst the long legacies of French fashion houses. Sébastien Meyer and Arnaut Valiant, the design duo behind the asymmetrical mini seen below, took to Instagram to promote the relaunch of their line, Coperni. Ludovic de Saint Sernin proved unafraid to break sartorial boundaries by redefining what it means to design menswear. And, to mend the broken hearts of Philophiles everywhere, there was Phoebe Philo protégé Rok Hwang with his minimalist take on the classics. Mega designer Marine Serre—all of 26—has become renowned for her elaborate interpretation of sportswear. The neoprene material, featured boldly on the below pleated dress, has become the designer’s signature. Below, shop 10 chic picks from the next wave of French fashion stars.


Antonin Tron, the designer behind the brand Atlein, is redefining everyday materials like jersey in a nuanced and versatile fashion. For example, find this emerald, crystallized mini dress. Such attention to detail as seen with the subtle ruching is Tron’s speciality.

Buy now: Atlein dress, $1,282,


From design duo Léa Dickley and Hung La comes the already cult classic brand, Kwaidan Editions. Their tiger print, high waisted skirt is both flattering and fashion forward.

Buy now: Kwaidan Editions skirt, $580,


Kevin Germanier, of eponymous brand Germanier, is mastering the art of upcycling. Having been trained at Louis Vuitton, the designer understands the allure of luxe and is now doing it his way – the sustainable way. This tie-dyed t-shirt embellished with crystals is as eco-friendly as it is chic.

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The Koché brand is dedicated to elevating the notion of streetwear and with designer Christelle Kocher leading the charge, the movement is in full swing. This men’s patchwork, two-toned sweater is a relaxed way to make a statement.

Buy now: Koché sweater, $734,


Like all savvy millennials, designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaut Valliant took to Instagram to promote the relaunch of their line, Coperni. Having first launched in 2013, the duo took a pause on the brand only to reignite again this past year. Dedicated to the art of symmetrics, this mini dress has become a brand staple.

Buy now: Coperni dress, $742,


Rok Hwang, a Phoebe Philo protégée, is mending the broken hearts of Philophiles everywhere with his minimalist take on chic classics. Case in point with this double-breasted wool trench coat.

Buy now: Rokh trench coat, $1,585,

Officine Générale

While launched in 2012, the Officine Générale brand is still capturing the hearts and wardrobes of fashion’s elite. The designer, Pierre Mahéo, presents a new kind of workwear that will have you running into your 9-to-5. To further reinstate, find this double breasted wool blazer, which shines with gold buttons.

Buy now: Officine Générale blazer, $561,

Ludovic de Saint Sernin

Ludovic de Saint Sernin is not afraid to color outside the sartorial lines, presenting collections that consistently challenge what it means to design menswear. Accentuating an andogynous fit, this lace up trouser personifies the brand’s unwillingness to conform to any boundaries.

Buy now: Ludovic de Saint Sernin trouser, $327,


Japanese designer, Keiko Onose, finds inspiration in the flowing silhouette of Grecian tunics. Such direction when mixed with hints of her own heritage, comes a brand that highlights the female form effortlessly. Her oversized belted coat is an understated staple that should always be found in your closet.

Buy now: Cyclas coat, $2,580,

Marine Serre

The 26-year-old mega designer, Marine Serre, is known for her elaborate interpretation of sportswear inspired fashion. The neoprene material, featured boldly on this pleated dress, has become the designer’s signature.

Buy now: Marine Serre dress, $1,928,