After yesterday's announcement of this year's Oscar nominees, some movie buffs were disappointed that, despite breaking multiple box office records, Wonder Woman wasn't singled out for a nod in any category. Gal Gadot, however, wasn't phased.

"I was very moved and touched by the feedback of all the people that were disappointed that Wonder Woman wasn't nominated," she told Entertainment Tonight of the snub on Wednesday. "But we certainly never did the movie for that."

Meanwhile, this Wonder Woman is optimistic for the future. She continued, "I think that you can't have it all. We've done this movie and it was received in such an amazing, wonderful way, and we want to stay humble and grateful. And we're going to have another movie, so who knows? Maybe the next one!"

When Wonder Woman hit theaters in June 2017, it grossed $100 million domestically in its first weekend, earning the title of biggest box office opening ever for a female director. The movie went on to become the highest grossing hero film of DC's Extended Universe, passing the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool from Fox's X-Men franchise, and becoming the 34th highest-grossing film ever domestically.

The Wonder Woman sequel is slated to hit theaters on December 13, 2019, and will be the first film to implement new anti-sexual harassment guidelines outlined by the Producers Guild of America. The new guidelines include compliance with federal and state laws about harassment, in-person anti-sexual harassment training to all cast and crew members, and a system for people to report any incidents of sexual harassment. It's no surprise that the female empowerment movie would quickly adopt these practices—in November 2017, Wonder Woman producer Brett Ratner was accused of sexual harassment or assault and, though he has denied all allegations, he chose to step away from "all Warner Brothers-related activities," after Gadot threatened to pull out of her starring role if the producer was involved.


One thing's for sure: Fans will flock to the sequel, shiny little statues be damned.

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