Bulgari sunglasses, $92,000, [bulgari.com](http://us.bulgari.com/); Rochas dress, $2,130, [rochas.com](http://rstyle.me/n/erjq43w3n).  
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Bulgari sunglasses, $92,000, bulgari.com; Rochas dress, $2,130, rochas.com.

Beauty note: Up your mane with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume Foaming Air Mousse.

When it comes to making a style statement, there are two ways to go: Light up a neutral background with a single stunning element (a viciously crimson lip, for instance, or a choker of gobsmacking emeralds), or gleefully gild the lily, complementing, say, a pair of limited-edition 18-karat rose-gold diamond-encrusted Bulgari sunglasses with enormous hair, long glossy talons, and lips so shiny they could practically be used as a mirror. Tinseltown, of course, has always embraced the latter option, and judging by the bevy of bouffants, mega-gems, and sparkles on red carpets recently, that more-is-more aesthetic isn’t going anywhere. Old-fashioned Hollywood glamour is, however, evolving, especially in terms of hair. According to the stylist Duffy, a celeb favorite, the key to keeping things modern is to introduce just a touch of dishevelment—think Kim Novak after a big night out. “It’s a bit broken, so it’s younger looking and implies a wild lifestyle,” he says of the ’do here. Just be sure your wild ways don’t break those fancy shades.