Jennifer Lawrence, newly-single Oscar-winner and world's-most-desired BFF freaked out when she met Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Rinna. The mother! star is a well-known reality TV fan, especially of all things Kardashian. She interviewed Kim on television and together they recounted how she'd previously gotten blotto with Kris Jenner. But apparently she's a big RHOBH stan, too (or maybe of that heart-breaking Veronica Mars arc that saw Lisa and her real-life husband Harry Hamlin as Logan Echolls' abusive/destructive parents?), judging from video of the meeting captured by Rinna's daughter Amelia Grey Hamlin. Lawrence's striped crop top and choker say "I'm young and cute," while Rinna's look is more "I'm Lisa goddamn Rinna!"

"This is iconic Jennifer Lawrence looks like she's seen a ghost. I'm done. Goodnight. Tuck. Me. In." Hamlin captioned a video of a clearly starstruck Lawrence snapping selfies with Rinna. They exchange hugs and a few words at an upscale restaurant.

"I want this video played at my funeral," responded Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan @murielthequeen on Twitter.

Is it too much to ask for a Kardashian-Housewives crossover episode starring very special guest Jennifer Lawrence? Jen's tagline could be, "I'm an actress, but there's nothing fake about me." Or, you know, something better than that.

Could we at least get a look at that pic they took together? Wait. Found it on Rinna's instagram:

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And then this happened.........🙌🏻❤️

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"And then this happened.........??❤️" she captioned the picture of herself flashing major duck face and Lawrence looking truly happy to be in the presence of such greatness.

Two talented, outspoken, vivacious women in the entertainment business. Actually, this friendship makes a lot of sense. You can go ahead and play this video at my funeral, too.

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