If you’ve ever glanced at Kylie Jenner’s social media presence, then you’re already acquainted with Jordyn Woods. The 19-year-old best friend to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner isn’t just a fixture on the beauty mogul’s Snapchat and Instagram though, she’s also a budding beauty icon herself. Signed to Wilhelmina Models, the Los Angeles native does everything from test shades for Kylie Cosmetics to serve as an unofficial spokesperson, whether it’s calling out counterfeit Lip Kits to helping Jenner introduce new collections. She’s also attracted her own following—3.9 million and counting on Instagram—where she preaches body positivity and shares her travels, which recently included accompanying Jenner to Peru on a charity trip. Together, the pair visited recovering young patients who just underwent cleft lip and palate surgery thanks to Smile Train, an organization that funds the procedure for infants and young children. Their trip wasn’t just documented on social media; it was also the backdrop of the finale of Life of Kylie, on which Woods co-stars, where the two made their friendship even more official by exchanging vows in a committal ceremony. Since then, Woods has teamed up with Smile Train on her own, serving as an ambassador this past World Smile Day. In an interview, Woods opened up about how she learned to love her own smile, her beauty hacks, and her aspirations to start her own skincare line. Considering all of the experience she’s gleaned alongside Jenner, it won’t be surprising when she does.

What is your morning beauty routine? I wash my face and I put on a lot of moisturizer and sunscreen—that’s my biggest thing: keeping my face protected. I use one that my friend’s dermatologist gave her. I also use a lot of Kiehl’s products. The sun is so harsh.

What’s the one product that you can’t live without? I can’t give just one. Lip gloss and eyelash extensions.

What would someone find on your bedside table? My phone charger and a candle. My mom and I used to always get these Bath & Body Works candles but I like anything that smells warm. I love vanilla.

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What’s a beauty trend that you would never try? Thinning my eyebrows for any reason. Also, furry nails.

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What’s your go-to beauty hack? When your eyebrows aren’t fresh and get out of hand you can just use concealer to clean them up and it looks like your eyebrows just got done.

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Have you always kept your eyebrows thick? Yeah, I was born with a pretty good shape so I started to get them done at 15. I never lived in the era when thin eyebrows were in so I never did that.

Are there any embarrassing beauty moments that you’d find in old photos? Definitely. I feel like I’m just starting to figure it out. The first time I got foundation, I didn’t know that you had to get your right skin color so I just got something that looked like it and it was bright orange. I thought it looked good.

What kind of foundation do you use now? Right now I use NARS. It’s very plain and keeps your skin nice.

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Have you always loved your own smile? I was a weird kid and I wanted to get braces. Then at one point, I was like I want to fix my gap teeth and my dad was like, “We’re not getting you braces.” And I’m happy that I didn’t. You have your whole life to do things to your appearance but I feel like my smile makes different.

Do you have plans to come out with your own cosmetics line? You never know but I’m really into skincare so I want to do something with that. Maybe a whole kit for skincare.

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