It remains a mystery why anyone, let alone a celebrity of Lady Gaga's stature, would remain on, an expressway straight to digital hell, in this day and age. Perhaps it's just routine at this point. Perhaps it's not wanting to give up a medium in which to promote your own career and wares directly to your fans.

Indeed, a good chunk of Gaga's recent tweets are to promote both her new cosmetics lines Haus Beauty and Las Vegas residency, but every once in a while Mother Monster logs on to dash off a little something that decidedly does not come from the PR and Marketing wing of Haus of Gaga Incorporated. A little something to remind you that there's an actual person behind the account. Tweets directly from the person who wrote lyrics such as "Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini (garden panty)" and "Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, Roma-roma-ma."

Gaga's weird Tweeting style is not quite as frequent and free with emojis and creative grammar choices like Cher's, nor is it quite as perfectly self aware and brand building as some of Mariah Carey's best tweets. Rather, it's an occasional musing on something seemingly (and perhaps thankfully) conjured on random. Take today's latest missive, in which she simply asks, "What's fortnight" (no question mark added).

To be fair, it is probably a question everyone over the age of 30 has had at one point, but has never bothered to actually figure out for themselves.

Other recent examples include a promise to title her long-awaited next album "ADELE" (all caps).


Her struggles with weaning herself off nicotine would be relatable if we could actually figure out what, exactly, this is supposed to mean.

This, however, is completely relatable with no explanation needed.

This minimalist Tweet, however, might be one of the best of the year:

Why does she keep Tweeting these things, well...

The general vibe is in stark contrast to Gaga's Instagram, where she keeps a rather well-curated and mostly standard-for-a-popstar grid of performances moments and glam shots. Of course, what exactly is anyone who values their sanity and general mental well being supposed to do with Twitter these days besides dash off a weird stream of consciousness thought without literally thinking Twice about it.

Sure, some people rush to the social network to unleash their latest hot take designed specifically to illicit reaction or their contribution to the latest forced meme or (perhaps worst of all) trying to make very serious points about very important issues in 280 characters or less, but that seems tiring for most people now. If one is going to bother with Twitter maybe it's best to make it seem like you barely bothered at all.

Seriously, explain why anyone should ever make any more of an effort with Twitter right now than this:

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