Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Are Auctioning Off a Dinner for Charity

Hopefully it’s not set on a boat cruise.

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Ever wanted to discuss whether both Jack and Rose could have fit on that raft with the actual Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet? Well, you’re in luck. At least if you’ve got some money on hand and are feeling generous.

Twenty years after their tragic onscreen love story ended, the Titanic costars are reuniting for a good cause: At this year’s Auction Gala, hosted by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, one lucky bidder will have the chance to have a private dinner with Jack and Rose—erm, Leo and Kate—at the NYC restaurant of their choosing sometime in October or November, People reports.

The star-studded event is set to take place in St. Tropez on July 26, and proceeds from the dinner and auction will go to support environmental causes via the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. According to People, last year’s gala raised $45 million, and the Foundation has reportedly donated over $80 million in environmental grants since its conception in 2008. Proceeds from the dinner with DiCaprio and Winslet, specifically, will also be put toward the Golden Hat Foundation, which benefits children with autism and their families, and a GoFundMe campaign that Winslet is involved with that’s attempting to raise money to help a young mother in the U.K. afford cancer treatment.

In addition to getting the chance to bid on dinner with the greatest doomed onscreen couple of our time, gala guests will be treated to a special performance by Lenny Kravitz. According to a statement from the Gala, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo will also be in attendance to receive the “New World Leadership Award” in honor of her “innovative approach to making Paris a model for sustainable urban living and design,” People adds.

If last year’s guest roster was any indication, the invite list rivals the likes of the Met Gala and the Academy Awards. Past attendees have included Bono, Chris Rock, Mariah Carey, Tobey Maguire, Jonah Hill, Naomi Campbell, Bradley Cooper, and Edward Norton. And according to E!, this year’s list of chairpeople for the event includes Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hanks, Jared Leto, Penélope Cruz, and Kate Hudson, among others.

For anyone who didn’t make the invite list (or doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to shell out on a single dinner) but still wants the chance to sit next to DiCaprio, try your luck at flights from Los Angeles to St. Tropez: Word on the street is that he’s flying commercial to the event.

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