Leonardo DiCaprio is Finally Selling His Titanic-era Starter Home

It can be yours for $1.7M.

Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

These days Leonardo DiCaprio might spend a few months out of the year on a yacht — model in tow in the Mediterranean — or so it seems. But back when he was a fresh-faced heartthrob he was living in a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom home in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. 19 years later that very abode can now be yours, as DiCaprio has listed the starter home he bought, we presume, with Titanic money for $1.7 million. He stands to make quite the profit, too, as he purchased it for $769,500 in 1999 according to public records.

It’s easy to see why he chose this home. The Spanish-style house is full of charm and eccentric details that make it feel so special. The 3,560-square-foot home, walking distance to the nearby reservoir, is uniquely large for the neighborhood. It also has a compound feel with its gated courtyard entryway and large pool that the house curves around. Inside, there’s a kitchen and bathrooms with original tile and throwback features like arched built-ins in the library. It also has an elevator — a true rarity in Los Angeles — and a garage that fits up to three cars.

If you aren’t ready to buy at this very moment, chances are it won’t be long until another DiCaprio property comes along. The actor is often playing with the real estate market, as he unloaded his $10.95 million Malibu home a couple of years ago on “Billionaire’s Beach.” Or, perhaps the suburbs is more of your thing? DiCaprio had a property recently for sale there too, in Studio City. He listed his 3,407-square-foot California ranch home for $2.395 million the same year. Earlier this year, on the other hand, DiCaprio added to his portfolio, scooping up Moby’s storybook home next to his Los Feliz residence.

Interestingly, DiCaprio’s Silver Lake home almost didn’t come to be, considering the actor was initially reluctant to play Jack in Titanic. “I think the hardest thing with Leo was convincing him that there was complexity in Jack Dawson,” executive producer Rae Sanchini said last year. “Because when you think about it, Jack is the purest of heart. We meet him, and he’s not conflicted. He knows exactly who he is. He knows his place in the world. He’s fearless…he falls in love, but he doesn’t change as a person…He makes his choice to die for the woman he loves, and he’s at peace with that.” DiCaprio’s choices, meanwhile, are much more subject to his whims — at least as far as real estate goes.


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