Is Princess Eugenie pregnant? Depends who you ask. If you ask her mother, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, the answer is no. If you ask the gossip-hungry UK tabloid media, she's pregnant with twins fathered by Elvis, who is very much alive. And so in

Speaking to a gaggle of reporters, the ever blunt and rarely censored Ferguson said, “What else can I tell you? No, she’s not pregnant!” according to JustJared. “I’m just going through what the journalists say and they’re all here, so I just thought I’d fill it in.” She gave the quote while attending a party stateside for businessman Ernie Boch, Jr. Ever the spokeswoman, Fergie also remembered to plug her son-in-law Jack Brooksbank's business, noting, “Jack sells tequila for Casamigos, which we love. It makes me even more of a yummy mummy because I just drink the tequila when I go and sell it."

Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Charles' brother Prince Andrew, married last October. The pregnancy rumors don't appear to be based on anything in particular except the traditionally quick altar-to-baby turnaround of the royal family.

Seizing on the opportunity to set the record straight, Ferguson also told the crowd that yes, she lives with her ex, with whom she is famously on good terms, saying, "Yes I do live at the Royal Lodge with the handsome prince, who is the best-looking prince of the whole lodge."

Whenever the Princess and her husband do have a child, Ferguson and her "handsome prince" will be thrilled to expand the family. Before the wedding, the Duchess of York said in an interview that she felt "excellent" about the prospect of becoming a grandparent, and described the family ethos thusly: “The thing about Andrew and I is that we go with our hearts, we go with the family unity. We really believe in that, you can see that the York family unity, it’s all about seeing the light in life.”


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