"New year, new Insta feed," is apparently the motto for the most popular person in the history of the app, Selena Gomez`. She just unfollowed more than two hundred and seventy accounts, including those of friends like Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadid (and her personal assistant). She also changed her icon to a picture of her mother Mandy, though you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a snap of Selena; they look a lot alike.

A month ago, Selena set her Instagram to private after a slightly controversial profile of her appeared in Billboard, though she seemed to quickly realize it's essentially useless to put her account on private since she already had tens of millions of followers who can see her content regardless, because she quickly made it public again. It was just the latest development in Gomez's very complicated relationship with the photo sharing app.

Now it seems like she's trying to make her own experience on the app simpler. As of this writing, she follows only thirty-seven accounts. So, who made the cut? Twelve Selena Gomez fan accounts, UNICEF and UNICEF USA, Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Francia Raisa, Jessica Alba, makeup artist and photographer Jake Bailey, Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquière, Kate Young, Julia Michaels, model Connar Franklin, Coach and Coach creative director Stuart Vevers (she is the face of the brand after all), singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, the Revival tour account, Time magazine, Apple Music, Puma, Instagram, Louis Vuitton, her animated film seriesHotel Transylvania, the We Movement, Interscope Records, songwriter Justin Tranter, and Pantene Pro-V (of which she's also a spokeswoman).

Just take a second to imagine what Selena's feed looks like right now. Huh!

According to Marie Claire, Gomez "doesn't have the password to her own Instagram account...her assistant will post there for her—meaning the unfollows may have not been done by Gomez herself and part of an overall brand strategy instead of personal." Well, sure, a lot of stars let their team handle their social accounts, but if Selena never uses Insta, how is she going to know when her boyfriend Justin Bieber is selling his artwork? Oh, right, she doesn't follow him anyway.

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