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PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 07: Stormi Bree Henley outside Chanel on March 7, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Christian Vierig

You'd think there'd be enough Kardashian-Jenner news out there lately without people having to make some up, and yet the model Stormi Bree found herself drawn into a purely fictional feud this week simply because she happens to share a first name with Kylie Jenner's new daughter, Stormi Webster. Never mind that Bree herself is a 27-year-old adult woman raising a recently born baby of her own, and probably doesn't have the time nor the inclination to pick internet fights with seven-day-old infants. And never mind that the vast majority of people happen to share a first name with other people (in some cases millions of other people) without drama.

Sure, Bree may have been pretty much the only person in the public eye named "Stormi" before Jenner announced her baby name yesterday. Still, when she happened to post an otherwise innocuous Instagram post yesterday just hours after the name reveal, it was kind of a stretch to assume, as did not only many teenage Twitter users but also online publications presumably run by paid adults, that it was intentional shade.

Bree posted a black-and-white photo of herself in which her expression conveyed displeasure with the caption, "Current mood?." Soon headlines started filling up the feeds with stories about some perceived drama. Things got so out of hand that Bree had to go back in and edit the caption with the addendum, "(goodness gracious that was bad caption timing lol)."

It should not be a surprise that Bree happened to post a selfie on the day Jenner announced her baby's name, considering that Bree posts a selfie to Instagram on most days.

Bree is pretty busy these days with things other than social media, though. There's the former Miss Teen USA's modeling career, and her duties raising her own infant daughter Gravity Blue Smith. The child, by the way, makes frequent appearances on both Bree's Instagram and on that of her father, male model Lucky Blue Smith.

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Of course, while most of us go through our lives sharing first names with others without incident, occasionally the situation does pose problems to those in the public spot—something that Kylie Jenner knows all too well. Her lawyers recently had to work out a deal with Kylie Minogue's lawyers after Jenner attempted to trademark the word "Kylie" for certain uses. But it was all straightened out, and Kylie Minogue recently reminded the world that, much like Bree's Instagram, there was no personal animus behind the little legal tiff.

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