How Does Tiffany Haddish Have Time to Be in Everything?

In the 11 months since Tiffany Haddish punctured America's consciousness with her performance in Girls Trip, the actress has seemingly been featured in or linked to a new movie, television show, music video, or cover shoot every week.

While Haddish has been working in Hollywood for well over a decade, her name has reached a total saturation point on the film and television calendar over the months since Girls Trip. First, she wrapped her role on The Carmichael Show, after its cancellation, only to jump right into two more TV series, Legends of Chamberlain Heights and The Last O.G., which just premiered on TBS. Plus, she snagged a leading role in a handful of B-movie blockbusters (most of which, admittedly, look just fine at best—except that they now have Tiffany Haddish). There's this summer's Uncle Drew, and the upcoming Night School, opposite Kevin Hart. She's also taking the lead as a formerly incarcerated woman who makes it her mission to find the man who's catfishing her sister in Nobody's Fool, a comedy from Tyler Perry, who likewise seems to never stop working. You would be hard-pressed to turn your head without seeing Haddish on yet another movie poster or magazine cover in 2018.

Haddish's IMDb page is overflowing with projects that either have just wrapped or are in production for the next year and a half, and she'll even take on the role of the first black female host of the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, which air on Monday night. Let's not forget she's also starred in three cameo-heavy music videos—Maroon 5's "Girls Like You," Drake's "Nice for What," and Jay Z's "Moonlight"—since last summer. Her "moment" has been much more than that.

Next year, Haddish will continue to pad her resume with a variety of projects, when she stars in The Kitchen, the 1970s New York crime drama with a stellar cast including Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy, Margo Martindale, and Domhnall Gleeson; and when she takes the lead alongside the comedian Ali Wong in Tuca & Bertie, an animated Netflix series about two bird-women, from the producers of Bojack Horseman. And there are still more surefire animated movies in the pipeline: The Lego Movie 2 and The Secret Life of Pets 2 will both feature Haddish's voice.

In between acting, hosting, and keeping pop culture detectives on their toes (the Beyoncé-biting scandal was one of the biggest "break the Internet" moments of this year), Haddish has managed to stay relevant and employed without being too out there. That's quite an accomplishment—let's just add it to her resume too.

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