Cartier 18k white gold ring

Cartier 18k white gold ring. Beauty note: Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Teint Touche Eclat in BD 10 and Faux Cils Mascara in Black.

Photographer: Amy Troost
Stylist: Michelle Cameron

Artists have long understood the importance of luminosity. It has provided divine inspiration to the works of Fra Angelico and Vermeer, radiated clarity to O’Keeffes, and electrified George Hurrell’s glamorous photographs of Marlene Dietrich. Twenty years ago, Yves Saint Laurent made history by creating Touche Eclat, a revolutionary cosmetic with the sole purpose of illuminating the face. In an age of chalky foundations and thick concealers, YSL’s sleek brush-on pen delivered instant brightness, thanks to the reflective pigments in its rich liquid. With just a click, cheekbones were enhanced, under-eye shadows diminished, and the nose contoured. Since then, there have been many imitations but only one Touche Eclat—until next month’s debut of Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation. Sheerer than the original, it’s designed to cover more territory—yet still lightens the dark like magic. Vermeer—or at the very least, his wife—would have loved it.

Makeup By Polly Osmond. Hair By Rudi Lewis. Model: Ginta Lapina at Women Model Management.