The Best Beauty Launches of January

Photograph for W magazine by Lena C.Emery, styled by Katie Burnett. Hair by Mark Hampton, makeup by ...
Photograph for W magazine by Lena C.Emery, styled by Katie Burnett. Hair by Mark Hampton, makeup by Ciara O’Shea.
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With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. In 2023, W will continue to publish a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products, which we recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

One of the best scalp treatments on the market—for a plethora of reasons. First, there’s no lingering residue (which cannot be said for most scalp treatments). That means the thin but nutrient-rich consistency absorbs instantly into the scalp to provide the healthiest environment possible for hair follicles to thrive and grow, long-term. Secondly, the refreshing scent is light and does not weigh hair down. Third, the formulation yields active potency, with healing castor oils, peptides, vitamin H, and a plant-based alternative to Keratin that promotes overall hair health. This product is simple, effective, and powerful when used regularly.

Long revered as a holistic skincare trailblazer, Tammy Fender just relaunched a brand new, reformulated serum that uses the power of rose essential oil for cell rejuvenation and hydration. Apricot—a primary source for antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E—is also utilized in the medley to protect skin from free radicals. Avocado oil, rich in fatty acids, nourishes and helps protect against UV damage; rosehip seed oil strengthens the skin’s collagen, repairs scar tissue and broken capillaries while promoting regeneration of the skin cells. The high-grade elements of this new serum is not just for your face, either—it can be used to promote better scalp health, or heal dry and brittle hands and cuticles.

Chanel’s newest moisturizer carries out two key functions: impeccable hydration and creating a harmonious microbiome balance for optimal skin health. To help protect against dryness and potential damage incurred from frosty temperatures, Chanel has implemented powerful camelia (one of the most resilient flowers) as a ceramide complex. The Chanel chemists paired the camelia ceramides with yeast extract, which yields a healthy microbiome balance—so your skin can actively regenerate and appear radiant all day.

These colors are a symphony of captivating hues. Byredo’s first makeup launch of the year features the richest and most vivid shades of burgundy, gold, and burnt rose with which to play. The brand partnered with veteran makeup artist Lucia Pica for inspiration on this palette.

We can appreciate why the beauty industry is going mad for this exceptional color—because we’ve also been wearing it all day. It’s an elegant orange-red with a thin consistency that holds boldness in the color pigment. It’s also one of the softest, creamiest textures we’ve come across since Pat McGrath’s lip stains. Make sure you line it properly, so the red doesn’t bleed out.

RéVive is one of the most trusted skincare lines for dermatologists. And this powerful new at-home multi acid mask delivers outstanding smoothness and brightness. Because this peel delivers on its promise, the potency of the mask will deliver some redness initially, but it will subside and give way to a flawless complexion. Prickly pear extract is added into the composition to assist with antiaging benefits.

Red algae is one of the most healing skin ailments making a fierce comeback in skincare. Vargas’s new overnight serum is featherlight but super hydrating, giving you exemplary results come morning. Fifty-three amino acids in the serum also taps the strength of that red algae—which, aside from being vitamin C-rich, helps increase skin moisture, drawing water to the surface to give skin a dewy glow. Pair this with Vargas’s Twilight Night Cream for optimal results.

This face cream’s hero ingredient, English rose hydrosol, helps encourage optimal collagen turnover. Grown in a female-led, sustainable farm, these organic English roses grow through an extensive steam distillation process. The rose essence works in tandem with Padina pavonica and ginkgo biloba to soothe skin and foster the most effective regeneration process for the epidermis. Results are visible from the first day, but it takes two weeks for the ingredients to smooth long-term.

Shani Darden has become a trusted name in the industry for good reason: her skin techniques and products deliver results. In this new acid at-home peel, next-level pore refining and exfoliation takes place through a combination of glycolic, lactic, and mandelic acids to produce brilliant, resurfaced skin. Darden, the LA-based aesthetician with a significant Tinseltown following, created this peel as a two-step process that ends with a ten-minute purifying Kaolin clay mask.

Heavy-duty plumping power that lasts for hours. Using 98 percent naturally derived ingredients grown from Dior’s own botanical gardens in Madagascar and France, the two hero ingredients are Loganza flower extract (which helps skin regenerate long-term after each use) as well as Iris flower. The more you use this product, the more your facial plumpness will intensify.

Not all face oils are equal, especially when even the most prestigious brands skimp on quality. Fear not—Tata Harper’s new Bio-Shield Face Oil is masterly crafted, adaptogen-rich, and delivers a glow immediately and throughout the day.

This line never overproduces, never overpromises nor overmarkets. Why? Because they don’t have to. Vintner’s Daughter lets their products do the talking. Each bottle of this water- and oil- soluble double cleanser-in-one goes through a three-week phyto-radiance infusion, utilizing the world’s most nutrient-rich plant ingredients.

When plant actives are formulated correctly, they truly are the best elements to naturally heal and strengthen your skin long-term. Saint Jane’s new Superflower Detox Serum acts more or less as a green juice for your skin, due to powerful plant actives. The micronutrients include a robust combination of blue tansy, damask rose, and winter cherry, which clarify and deeply hydrate the skin—but more importantly, purify the dermal layers of environmental toxins and stressors, all while balancing your skin’s pH levels.

We’re ready for new eye colors this season—and this one slays. It looks sensational on all eye colors, but especially brown ones—providing a commanding yet ever-so-flattering contrast.

A reparative moisturizer to use on the face, eye area, and décollaté—newly developed by the brand’s founder, Dr. Anthony Nakhla. This healing lotion contains a proprietary blend of 24 bioidentical synthetic peptides, growth factors, and amino acids to stimulate your skin’s own healing process.

McGrath spearheads countless magical looks unlike anyone else—and continuously inspires all of us. Her latest product, Cosmic Chartreuse, is a winner. It’s best worn with neutrals to give the color its chance in the spotlight. The product is all-around chic—and more importantly, different.

You’ll always find a green tube of Weleda cream lurking somewhere in the pockets of a venerated makeup artist’s travel bag. It’s a no-nonsense product that consistently offers hydration—and this superior makeup remover is perfect for colder nights, when skin is more vulnerable to the elements. To use, warm the cleansing balm in your hands, then apply onto the face and gradually add warm water to watch it transform into an uber hydrating yet clarifying milk. It can also be used as a cleansing mask if left on for about ten minutes.

Celebrity brow expert Kristie Streicher created an indispensable brow-grooming collection that you can check out here. We especially love the Microfeathering Brow Pen—which, unlike waxy pencils, looks flawless when applied.