Kim Kardashian Finally Embraces the Low-Rise, Baggy Jean Trend

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Just as Kanye West’s new girlfriend, Julia Fox, has begun to embrace streamlined Balenciaga looks, stepping out in leather pants at the beach and Hourglass Bags, Kim Kardashian is ditching it. After months of wearing form-fitting bodysuits and Demna’s pantaleggings in every color available, she is pivoting to a very different silhouette, proving she’s always one step ahead, while simultaneously giving her stamp of approval to a very controversial trend.

On Monday morning, Kardashian shared a set of photos on Instagram wearing an all-black, but otherwise very non-Kim look. In the pics, Kardashian modeled an extremely low-cut black bonded scuba body suit from Maximilian spring/summer 2022. Kardashian paired the piece from up-and-coming London-based designer, Maximilian Davis, with a pair of low-rise, extremely loose-fitting jeans, featuring tears at the knees and the upper right thigh.

While Kardashian only posted about the look on Monday, she actually wore it last week, while boarding a boat in the Bahamas with her rumored-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The outfit is a surprising choice for Kardashian to begin with, but it’s an even stranger one to wear in the heat of the Caribbean. It is important to note, though, that Kim opted to wear this departure-of-a-look the day after her ex-husband, West, took Fox on a date in NYC, a relationship that has been partially fueled by Kardashian’s favorite: Demna’s Balenciaga. Just as Fox is joining the club, Kardashian may be finding other options.

Reasoning aside, Kardashian’s embrace of baggy and low-rise jeans firmly cements their return to the current fashion zeitgeist, despite some resistance along the way. Kardashian knows a good pair of baggy jeans when she sees one. She’s a true child of the ‘90s, who rocked the trend the first time they were relevant. And now that Kardashian is cosigning them once again, you better believe they’re here to stay. Look out, JNCO’s comeback may be right around the corner.