Andrew Garfield and Rita Ora Were Maybe Dating and Now They Are Not

Did you know they were dating in the first place?

Jamie McCarthy

For anyone who says the general public is too obsessed with the dating lives of celebrities, the fact that the news that Rita Ora and Andrew Garfield have broken up may be the first many people are hearing that Rita Ora and Andrew Garfield were even dating in the first place may prove otherwise. The relationship between the two English stars mostly played out, in public at least, through anonymously sourced reports in the British tabloids that began in November 2018 and a few paparazzi sightings, including the two walking arm in arm through a London neighborhood around Christmastime.

The relationship was so low-key that even as we’re just finding out about the breakup now (through British tabloid The Mirror, of course), it reportedly happened much earlier this year. The paper says that “the relationship just fizzled out.“ “It’s sad but they have both accepted the situation and moved on,” added a source. The Sun also reports that Garfield was the one to call it off. Sigh. However, it seems they may have both been a bit too busy to really explore anything deeper, anyway.

The entire relationship timeline lines up almost exactly with the release of Ora’s first globally released album, Phoenix, which came out on November 23 of last year. Ora also kicked off the first leg of her Phoenix world tour last week in Australia. Of course, even without music to release, Ora somewhat famously kept a packed schedule of public appearances. In the past few months alone she was spotted on the party circuit of both the Oscars and the Grammys, appeared at Marc Jacobs’ NYFW show, attended the Santiago E-prix in Santiago, Chile, and Chloë Grace Moretz’s birthday in Las Vegas, as well as numerous media appearances to support her album. She’s booked. She’s busy. She can’t be blamed.

After winning the Tony last year for Angels in America, Garfield appears to have been a bit less busy. His next film, Under the Silver Lake finally premieres in America next month, though it debuted last year at Cannes. The next film listed on his IMDb slate, Gia Coppola’s Mainstream, has not yet begun filming. Garfield was last seen making a major public appearance last month sitting front row at the Gucci show in Milan.

Of course, neither are strangers to dating other entertainers and dealing with the ensuing breakups. Garfield was famously in a highly covered four-year relationship with Emma Stone, though he never seemed too comfortable with the amount of attention the pairing received and seems to have attempted to keep his love life much more low-key since. Ora had previously been linked to Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Travis Barker, and Rob Kardashian.

Oh well. Now we return to patiently awaiting the British tabloid update on whatever is going on between Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse, while also being somewhat glad this relationship didn’t progress to the point where we had to call them “Garfora.”

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